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How To Create A Gallery Wall – #HIT

How To Create A Gallery Wall – #HIT

I love Gallery Wall, such a creative way to display a group of art pieces, of photographs. I am thinking of creating a gallery wall made up with photos of all the past residents of our home. A big ask considering how old our home is, but I have this romantic notion of bringing the walls to life with the love of the years past. A simple way to bring a feature focal point to the room, here are a few tips to help you create your own master piece.

How To Create A Gallery Wall

Plan On Paper First

Make a map of your wall on a piece of clean blank paper. Make it as close to scale as possible, and then have a play. Either draw your frames onto the paper or get really tricky and cut out little shapes to match your frames and move them around your paper wall.


Checkout this post on Apartment Therapy for more inspiration.

Choosing Frames

When choosing frames, keep to similar colours and shapes to keep the wall pleasing to the eye. This will give the opportunity for the art or the pictures to be the thing that grabs your eye. If the art/pictures you are using are all black and white, you can be a little more bold with the frame choice. Try a combination of colour to really make the wall pop.


Image Source


Image Source

Using Shapes

Using horizontal, vertical and square shapes will help make you wall appear balanced. There is no need to have a straight line on the gallery wall, as long as you are able to bring it together with balance. This can be done simply using the placement of your shapes. Play around with the shapes back in step one, to ensure you are happy with the balance before you begin nailing the hooks in.


Image Source

Start Your Wall With Your Large Anchor Piece

Once you are feeling comfortable with your design, start your wall with your big anchor piece. It all begins somewhere and the anchor piece is the one to start it. Place your first anchor piece and then place the pieces around it. It won’t take long until you are all done.



Image Source

This great post on Emily Henderson, explains perfectly how to style a gallery wall.


Once your anchor piece is in place, hang the rest of your gallery being careful to keep balance in place. Balance is the key to a polished gallery wall. This is where it is important to have had a play around on paper before to minimise the holes you are putting in your wall, however don’t be scared to move pieces around until they feel balanced.


Image Source

Gallery walls are a simple and stylish addition to any home. They can be made with pictures, photos, artwork, posters, just about anything that can be hung can be included in a gallery wall.

Do you have a gallery wall at home? When was your favourite photo of you taken? Do you like to be in the picture?




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Sarah from TOMFO linked up last week with an awesome idea of using letters for a birthday table cloth. If you haven’t read this yet, you really need to check it out!





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  1. Top tips – I love your idea of having a “residents wall” at your place. I’m like getting in the picture and making memories but I have to say, I’m not a fan of putting pictures with me in them around the house. I do make an exception for the odd wedding photo, though! ?

    1. I need to get in the picture more, like lots more. I have been toying with the idea of try the everyday style challenge, but keep deciding against it ?

  2. Oh, I love the idea of a residents wall, I immediately think of a newspaper clipping as one of them.
    I love your idea of making the walls come to life and there is so much history in your beautiful home, it will be gorgeous.
    Thanks for the lovely link back to my tablecloth letters, we are all still taking about it.
    I so need to get in the photo more, my older self will thank me, I know. Have a great weekend lovely x

    1. I am not one for a photo either, doesn’t make me comfortable until I look back over older photos and I’m nowhere to be seen. xx

  3. Thanks for sharing these tips Nicole! I really want to create a gallery wall in my kids rooms, but wasn’t sure where to start…now I do. I will share a photo when I eventually get it done. Thanks for the inspiration

    1. Awesome, that would be great! Look forward to seeing it. x

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