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Cooling Down Your Queenslander Home

Cooling Down Your Queenslander Home

If you live in the Sunshine State like us, or have been for a visit, you’ll be familiar with the quirks of a classic Queenslander home!

Wrap-around verandas with enclosed outdoor deck areas are common in most Queenslander homes, designed to catch the breeze so that it filters throughout the entire house and cools it down. If course, the breeze can only do so much when the temperatures start to soar. So, if you’re looking for something to take the bite out of the summer months, aluminium shutters could be just what you’re looking for.

Lightweight in design, but durable enough to face all the curveballs that Mother Nature throws at them, aluminium shutters are ideal for installing in your deck area. Summer storms, extreme heat, or chilly winter winds, you name it, aluminum shutters can help to protect you from it.

Summertime is when you’ll really notice the benefits of these window treatments. By covering your windows from the outside with an insulating material like aluminium, internal heat can be reduced by up to 90%! And because shutters fit so closely to your windows, they will also help to block out any unwanted sunlight from entering your home.

Aside form their heat-reducing qualities, the main reason why I love aluminium shutters is because they can turn any space into a secluded sanctuary. Here, you can entertain friends all year round, and just enjoy some quality time with the family.

If you’re interested in aluminium shutters for your outdoor area, ABC Blinds have shutters available in a range of colours to compliment any style of home. As an added bonus, they also offer free delivery to all metro areas across Australia (for orders over $150)

So there really isn’t any excuse why we cant entertain any time of year, when using shutter on a deck!

Would you use outdoor shutters or blinds on your deck? Are you an indoor our outdoor person?


This post was written in collaboration with ABC Blinds.

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