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    1. Hi Nicole,
      Just saw your message on facebook and would love to share on your blog. However, I’ll be away travelling in Canada until early June. But would love to see what details you would like to see. I assume you would like the post to be focused on a favourite space in or around the home? I love the layout of your blog by the way, lovely design aesthetics.
      Ps My email is [email protected]

        1. Thank you Margaret ?

    1. Hello .sorry my English not very good
      I have land in Gatton
      I want build a backpacker
      Can you contact me please
      I have land
      I have building proved
      Ready to start
      I don’t know why I can’t get money
      From all Australia bank
      So my money around one million
      I don’t know what I do

        1. Hello Alex, I am sorry we do not build in Gatton. Good luck with your search for a builder. Try contacting the local council and see who they can recommend.

    1. Hi there, just enquiring at this stage. Do you concentrate only on builds/extensions only? e.g do you do small jobs like design and install bookcases like you have. We visited last weekend, beautiful house! Regards, Sarah.

        1. Hi Sarah, thank you for getting in touch, and also for visiting on the weekend. Unfortunately we don’t do smaller jobs like the one you have enquired about anymore, however I can most definitely pass on our cabinet makers details, who would be able to help you with this task. If you could please email me at [email protected], I will forward on his details. ? xx

        1. Hi Sarah,

          Thank you firstly for getting in touch, but also for visiting last weekend. Unfortunately we no longer do smaller jobs like the one you have enquired about, however I would be happy to pass on the details of our cabinet maker who should be able to help you with this. Please email me at [email protected] and I’ll pass his details on. xx

            1. Many thanks Nicole, will do.

    1. Hi Nicole,
      Your story about the fireplace insert from Early Settler was fantastic! I’ve been tossing up the idea of using an ethanol burner instead of an electric fire for our little Queenslander. Just wondering if the insert you bought was initially electric and you removed the heater to put the burner in? Inspiring idea that I would love to get right. Thanks.

    1. Nice to meet you.

      We follow and love your blog.
      My husband and I run a company called Renaissance Decor. We are based in Mount Eliza, Melbourne.
      We are newly formed as we relocated here one year ago from London, to start a new and better life for our children.

      What makes us unique is that we specialize in Venetian Polished Plastering and High End Bespoke Artisan Finishes, which is still relatively new to Australian market compared to our old base Europe.
      We only use the finest Authentic products imported from Italy, which are marble and lime plasters along with tints, glazes and special additives we are able to create stunning custom finishes to suit each individual style. We offer experience in this area and pride ourselves on attention to detail and exceptional finishing. I have attached some images of our work as we have been involved in some beautiful projects here in Melbourne recently.

      We are looking to build solid business relationships with Bloggers and Interior Designers in order to build our Business, Brand, and Reputation. We have been following your Blog and would love to be a part of it or for you to use our services. Is this something you would be interested in discussing with us?

      Some other interesting facts about our products and company.
      • Venetian Plaster/limed plasters are the oldest building materials known to man. They date back to the 15th century. It is a beautiful historical and timeless product which has lasted this long for a reason.
      • There are new finishes and products being developed all the time which means this product always looks new. We are selling new products for flooring which have a level of flexibility. Also products which can go over existing tiles, timber and concrete which is fantastic for customers. We are waiting for a new metallic product to come into stock soon which will enable a plaster wall to look like a mirror. Exciting times ahead.
      • Our products are environmentally friendly. They absorb Carbon Dioxide, regulate humidity, clean easily, prevent Mould and Mildew, contain no toxins or gas and are Hypoallergenic.
      • Renaissance Décor took part in the Venetian Plaster Revolution competition in Thomas town a few weeks ago. At the moment we are in the running to win and be voted as Best Artisans for 2018. Fingers crossed. Votes end Beg June.

      Our Full company profile and illustrations of our work can be viewed at our website http://www.renaissancedecor.com.au
      We are also on Instagram (renaissancedecormelbourne) and Facebook so please follow us as we follow you.
      We can be contacted on [email protected], alternatively you can contact me directly anytime on 0468 328-745.

      Thanks for taking the time to read our letter.

      Thanks and Warm Regards

      Toni and Adam McCann

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