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Constructing Your Home – Home Improvement Thursday

Constructing Your Home – Home Improvement Thursday

It’s school holidays here in Queensland, and although I enjoy the different pace in the mornings, I cannot get into a rhythm when the kids are home. There is always a fight to settle, lunch to make or entertainment to provide. Before living in our Pen Y Llechwedd, we had 6 acres for the kids to roam over, to explore and run wild. Here we have just short of half an acre, which is big by town standards, but a big adjustment for the kids.

Being in the construction industry, it is really difficult for us to take time off at any time other than over Christmas. The site still goes, so the phone keeps ringing, and you can’t just walk away from it all. We have had to come up with some crafty ideas to give the kids the opportunity to have a “holiday” at home.

About 5 Christmases ago, we bought the kids a little $20 Kmart tent each, and while they were younger, we would spend a night camping out with them in the back yard. We would have a little fire and enjoy the opportunity to get back to nature, with all the comforts of home ?

In the last few years, we have let them manage on their own. They are responsible for picking a location, setting up their own tents, organising their sleeping gear, lighting and the essential mozzie spray. This opportunity to fend for themselves has brought about so many positives, I wanted to share them with you.

Constructing your home


It is nearly impossible to put up a tent on your own, especially when you are a child. The kids have to work together to put the tents up, OR they sleep under the stars, and none of them are keen enough to do that. We try to schedule the camp out for the end of the holiday week, when they are sick and tired of one another, to give them the opportunity to learn tolerance. I mean have you ever put up a tent with a sibling, especially one your sick to death of?


You cannot work together without talking. As tired and irritable the kids may be by the time the tents need to be set up, they have to not only talk to one another, but articulate their needs clearly and concisely. Honestly, I try to sneak away to the bedroom deck for a wine while this is happening, it takes a while before they figure out they need each other and need to communicate clearly.


Unbelievably, every single time we do this, by the time the tents are up, the kids are getting on like best friends. They will be laughing and sharing jokes and stories of that time Dad’s tent fell down. This is a sure fire way for us to raise our family spirit. Family spirit is even more important when you are a blended family, and this exercise helps center us all.


Self Value

You simply cannot get through the process of putting up a tent, and camping out for the night without finishing the experience feeling better about yourself. It’s a great sense of achievement when the camp is set, and you are able to relax and enjoy what you built for yourself.


The final positive from this experience, is the opportunity for the kids to connect with nature. We ban technology on this day, and really bring the kids speed down. The result is slower paced, more thoughtful and considerate children. Now if that’s not a massive positive, I don’t know what is ?

Did you camp out in your back yard as a child? Ever had to construct your own home?


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I was really excited last week to have Bee from Honey and Bean, link up her daughters Bedroom Makeover for Under $50. What an awesome bedroom! Unfortunately I couldn’t upload a picture, you will just have to head over to the blog for it all to be revealed!

Alix, The Builderette, linked up with the 5 Things I Learned From My Favourite TV Renovator. An essential read for anyone thinking of renovating, especially if you’d like to make a profit!



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  1. Hi Nic,

    I needed to see those tents this morning and I needed to read Alix’s post.

    How do you always know?

    Love your work!

    1. I think we have a connection Miss Betty. xx

  2. What a great thing to do with the family. We once put a massive three room old canvas tent in our front yard the hubby and kids slept out there I slept in the house and the kids trickled in throughout the night. The next day before we could get it down it rained! The canvas leaked! We suddenly had an indoor swimming pool in our front yard lol …

    I know hubby would really like to take the kids camping I am just not a big fan …

    1. I used to love it, but the thought of camping anywhere but the back yard with 5 kids, makes me feel sick!!

  3. This is so so great, I love it!

    1. Me too!! xx

  4. I can totally relate to the getting along side of this! Husband and I got married after four months of camping together, we knew that if we made it through that without killing each other we would be ok.

    I love camping, unfortunately we can’t do it in our courtyard as it’s just not quite big enough, hopefully when the weather (finally) cools in Brissy we might get to.

    1. You are so not kidding! If you can camp for 4 months you can conquer the world!!

  5. Also not to be annoying, but you spelled my blog name wrong, it’s Honey and Bean, not Honey and Bee. Thought that would have been an awesome name!

    1. So sorry, all fixed now.

      1. All good! I was so chuffed at you linking up the blog I felt bad saying anything, haha.

  6. I loved camping in the backyard as a kid – and I think all the things your kids are learning from it sound great!

    1. It sure is helpful! xx

  7. […] *Sharing over at The Builder’s Wife with this week’s Home Improvement Thursday. […]

  8. Oh I love this, I loved camping as a kid, but I’m too scared of snakes and critters in my old age.
    I reckon this would be a great start to get back into it perfect for the holidays, thanks lovely lady. x

    1. You are so very welcome, and I must admit I am not at all a fan of snakes myself ewww!! xx

  9. This is brilliant. My girls would love this when they’re older and so would I! ?

    1. It’s great Bec, for all involved! xx

  10. Oh I love this – what a great idea! I’m not a fan of camping per se but I agree that it’s a great team building exercise! I don’t think my balcony is big enough for a tent, so I’ve got a great excuse to stay indoors! I bet this is the high point of the kids’ holidays although they probably won’t admit it!

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