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Completion Of Construction, What To Expect

Completion Of Construction, What To Expect

You have spent many hours dreaming of the completion of construction on your project and the time is nearing and your excitement is building. Knowing what to expect at this time is crucial to ensuring a smooth end to your job, which of course means getting to enjoy your home sooner rather than later.

Completion Of Construction, What To Expect

Builders Clean

When the Builder deems your project complete, one of the first things that will take place, will be a builders clean. It must be said, that a builders clean is not like a regular house clean, but rather a general all purpose clean. For more information on what to expect from your builders clean, have a read of this post.

Practical Completion Document

After your home has been cleaned, your builder will issue you with a practical completion document. This document contains the basic information as per your contract, for example you name(s), address, the job address and the opportunity for you to create a list of minor defects, which will commonly be done during the next step.

Practical Completion Inspection

Once receiving the completion document, you will be given the opportunity to inspect your home, with the builder or representative. During this inspection it is essential that you point out and defects you find or anything that is not to your satisfaction. At this point in the process, you will be required to fill out a Defects Form, listing any agreed on defects. You can read more about defect lists, here.

completion of construction

Final Invoice Issued

Most builders will provide the final invoice along side the practical completion document as the signing of the document confirms that you will pay the invoice within the terms as laid out on the invoice. Once and only once this had been paid, you will move through to the final part of the process.


Generally handover will take place as a meeting at your home between builder and client. At this meeting you will be given all keys, certificates and warranties and your home will be officially yours. Take a moment to really let this feeling sink in, after all it’s what you’ve been working towards!

While this process may vary a little from builder to builder, this is essentially the flow of events you can expect for both a new build and a renovation or extension.

Are you currently or planning to build a new home?

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