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Compare the Pair


One the most important parts of engaging a builder to assist in building your dream, is the quoting process. After selecting a builder or builders to quote on your project, a meeting will generally take place at your home, or home site. During this meeting, you and your builder will discuss your requirements, your builder will then take that information and work on preparing a quote or estimate for you. This is where things start to look a little different. Each builder has their own unique way of presenting a quote, and whilst you as the home owner will no doubt mostly be interested in the big figure at the bottom of the page, it is acctually what is in between, that is the most important. Taking the time to thoroughly compare your quotes, has the potential to save you thousands of dollars. Beware, not all quotes are the same!

Imagine that you have the exact same conversation with three different people, every one of those three people, will take something different out of the conversation. Simarlarly when you have several builders come to see you about a quote, all of those builders will hear something different in what you are saying. No matter how clear you think you are being, there is always room for difference of opinions. This is one of the biggest thing to look for when comparing your quotes.

At Fernbrooke Homes, we suggest grabbing a coffee, and sitting at a big clean table, no mess or clutter, and laying out your quotes.

Now a few suggestions from us on what to look for, is the language on each quote the same? are the inclusions the same? are the builders quoting on using the same materials? are the scope of works the same? for example, one quote may be cheaper, but are they doing the same amount of work within that quote, or have they forgotten something? Take time to throughly compare what you are able to compare, and make notes of questions to ask each builder.

Ask about the materials that are being used, generally cheaper materials are a lesser quality. Ask about the quality of workmanship, for example, do the painters spray the house, or will it be hand painted? (Hand painting by a professional will give a much better result than spraying, even though spraying is cheaper)

Another way to be sure you are comfortable, is to ask for testimonials, we provide walking, talking testimonials as we are always concerned about the authenticity of written testimonials. Builders with nothing to hide, will encourage you to contact past clients. Afterall you are only as good as your last client/s.

Remember, the more infomation you recieve the less likely there will be any hidden nasties once the contract is signed. Ask questions, ask lots of questions, good builders love you to ask lots of questions. Great builders will give you an opportunity to meet with you and discuss your quote, so that you can take as much time as necessary to cover every question. Building, extending or renovating your home should be one of the most exciting things you do, and with consideration and careful planning it will be.


Nicole xx

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