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Colour Combinations That Work

Colour Combinations That Work

I am a lover of colour in all it’s forms and uses. Colour in the home is a must for me, and one of my most frequently asked questions is, “Can you give me some colour combinations that work”? It would seem that many of us are hesitant to put colours together when painting or decorating. I understand that to paint and decorate is a big financial commitment, and we all want it to work in our home. Here are a few classic colour combinations that work time and time again.

Classic Colour Combinations That Work


White and just about any colour will work, either as a highlight or as the feature colour. We used a soft grey and white throughout most of Pen Y Llechwedd, it is a timeless classic. The white in our home is used on the skirting boards, ceiling, doors and features and has been chosen to clean up the grey colour we used.

In our master bathroom, we used white with a navy to pack a punch! The right white has the ability to clean another colour or to create depth to a colour. Word of caution, white on its own can be very clinical, which is great if that is what you are after. If not, play on the version of white that you choose.

White will work well with the following, black, navy, grey, pink, green, red, beige and yellow and all tints of the same.


There are so many grey colours on the spectrum, actually, all colours have many variations. From soft to strong, grey can be a wonderful colour to pair with many others. As above, in our case, we paired soft grey with white, but grey can work just as well with many other colours.

The colour in our library and our hallway is actually another, deeper grey which work well in this case also with white. Some other classic combinations include navy blue, green, beige, yellow and timber.

Navy Blue

If you have followed this blog even for a few days you’ll know that blue and white as a combo is my favourite. But navy blue is such a versatile colour and matches so well with many other stronger colours. The navy blue in our ensuite is our most commonly requested colour question. Even though technically called a grey, it is navy blue through and through.

Pair navy blue with the following, pink, green, white, beige and wood.


Green is such a fresh colour, we use it in varying ways throughout our home. Either in plants or as a decor accent. It can do so much to brighten a space! Don’t be afraid to add a little green to your home, it works well with, pink, salmon, beige, blue, black, white, orange and brown.

We’ve covered just about every colour in one form or another in this list. A few final tips to help you make your choice. If you are painting, purchase sample pots and paint on a wall next to one another, likewise if you are choosing home furnishings, ask for fabric samples that you can then pop together to make sure you are comfortable.

There are plenty of rules about colour, but if you like the combo and it makes you feel good in your home, you’re on a winner!

Have you used colour in your home? What colour combo do you love?

Nicole xxx

All photos of our home are styled by Rachael Honner and photographed by Hannah Puechmarin for our shoot with Queensland Homes magazine.


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