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Our Classic Queenslander House Colours

Our Classic Queenslander House Colours

Just about every time I post a picture on Instagram of our home, I am asked about our house colours. It can be difficult make decisions about paint colours, much easier if you spy a combination already together that you love. Today I am sharing our classic Queenslander house colours, for anyone that likes our combo.

Our Classic Queenslander House Colours

Prior to the open day we had here for the National Trust last year, we decided our home needed a ‘touch up’ of paint to reflect our interpretation of a classic Queenslander. While we have tried to make all our renovation decisions with the originality of the home in mind, it is still important to us to put our stamp on our home.

When choosing our colours, we were originally going to paint the body of the house a shade of white, but since time was short we began by updating the roof colour, gutters, window surrounds and trim. By the time this was done, we had fallen in love the renewed combination of colours and left the wall colour as it was.

weatherboard grey white classic queendslander house colours heritage green

Photo by Hannah Puechmarin

Here is a before shot. While the heritage green seen here on the handrails and the gutters, was a classic combination with the cream and the grey, we felt the green was just too outdated for what we wanted to reflect. We needed to be careful not to create a modern colour scheme, but to reflect our take on the classic Queenslander colours.

In this after shot you can see we started from the roof down. The roof received a coat of Colorbond Surfmist.

The balustrade and the front fence have both been painted in Vivid white.

The walls of the house have remained the colour it was, which is Colorbond Dune.

The handrails and gutters were painted in a blend that we created and is simply quadruple strength Surfmist.

The windows have been painted in Queensland builders white. All the paint on the exterior of our home is Dulux which is what we use externally both personally and professionally.

Hopefully this can serve as inspiration for you as well. My advice when picking colours, test pots! Buy plenty of test pots and paint on the walls to see how they look on your home. That is how we come to the combinations we have. I’m sure there are more professional ways to choose however nothing replaces seeing the colours together on your own home. Good luck with your choices!

Have you painted your house recently? Seen a colour combo you like? How did you choose your colours?

Nicole xxx


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  1. Love the colors. Not sure what to do with our house though. Would love to email you a. Photo

    1. Hi Kaylene, feel free to get in touch. [email protected] ?

  2. Fantastic Job well done, this is just what i was looking for Thank you XXX

    1. So pleased to hear that Jo, thank you ?

  3. Hi Nicole
    We are doing up what was once a a run down old Queenslander in Mackay which is a huge task as you would know. I’ve done the interior , new kitchen and bathroom fresh painted and sanded floors which is great and the upper exterior is painted also and now its time for the vertical boards that wrap the down stairs portion . We are going white as it seems to work with the classic cream walls ,heritage red and brunswick green trim . Would u use gloss or flat paint for those boards ?
    Thanking you

    1. Hi Peter, why don’t you compromise between the two and have a Satin finish. Easy to clean but not super shiny.

  4. Hi Nicole

    I think your house looks fantastic. I have sent you a picture of ours to see whether you feel these colours will work also?



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