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Christmas Tree Styling Tips

It’s this year I finally feel comfortable telling you my Christmas tree styling tips, as prior to now our tree has been a happy kaleidoscope of Christmas mess. This year however, we have a gorgeous new tree, perfectly decorated (if I do say so myself!) and I am feeling confident enough to share my tips.

Christmas Tree Styling Tips

Your Tree Matters

Before we can begin decorating our tree, we need to have the right tree to suit our style. Previously our tree has been an eclectic mess of children’s happiness, which went perfectly with our stick style tree.

It was part funky and part really us, and we loved it. But if you are after a traditional style, then you’ll need to choose a tree style to suit. Regardless of which style you like, find a tree to suit your families personality and begin there.

Start At The Bottom

I love the different a tree skirt makes to the styling of your Christmas tree. Again choose your skirt in the style you wish to decorate, for traditional you might like a flocked skirt, like ours. Or you might prefer a wicker like this one from Just Another Mummy Blog.



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No matter the style of your tree, find or craft a skirt to create that finishing touch.

Light The Tree

Image from Mum Little Loves who shares my love for pre-lit trees!

The very first thing to do if you do not have a pre-lit tree, is to pop on your lights. Trust me it might seem a little backwards, but it will save you a great deal of time now opposed to placing them around your decorations. Applying your lights now, still gives you the flexibility of adjusting them once the tree is fully decorated.

Find A Theme

A theme for your tree doesn’t need to be perfectly colour matched, perhaps it could be a seaside theme, or a country or rustic theme, but for a gorgeous tree, a theme is best. We loved our above eclectic theme just as much as we love our new red, white and silver theme.


Decorate From Front To Back

A little secret of mine, is that the back of my tree has very little decorations on it. You can’t see it from any angle and I can them use more decorations on the front to create a fuller effect. If you have the same luxury as I do, decorate from front to back.

Pop your larger decorations on first, and then use the smaller ones to fill in any gaps left behind. Use varied shapes, sizes and textures to create the most interest on your tree.

Image from Style Curator. I love the many textures on Gina’s tree.

Crown Your Tree With Something Special

My favourite moment in the decorating of our tree, is the crowning of the tree, which is done each year by The Builder. This years star, is a new favourite for us all.

Add A Few Gifts

No tree is complete without a few gifts underneath. The gift under our tree are all empty until the kids go to bed on Christmas Eve. Well now that they are teenagers, we actually get up early to pop them under the tree instead. The gifts just provide the finishing touch. We wrap a few empty boxes we’ve collected over the year.

That is it, my Christmas tree styling tips, are simply but effective. I’d love to see your trees if you would like to leave a picture in the comments!

Is your Christmas tree up? Do you enjoy styling your tree?

Nicole xxx

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  1. Your tree looks fab! We used to theme our tree by colour but now it’s full of decorations from our travels so it’s more of a mish mash. I’ve only recently discovered the joys of the tree skirt and totally agree with lights first, decorations later, it’s so much easier !

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