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Christmas Traditions At Pen Y Llechwedd

Christmas Traditions At Pen Y Llechwedd

I mentioned yesterday how important this Christmas is for us, my eldest daughter is moving to the UK in February. What I haven’t been thinking too much about is how important our Christmas traditions will be for her next year when she is not with us. I thought I would share our traditions as they are unique to us, and a little different.

Christmas Tree


Our Christmas traditions begin with our very different Christmas tree and working together as a family not only to gather our tree, but to trim it as well. Always a fun day, that is guaranteed to get the surly teenagers smiling.

Christmas Lights

Each year we will spend one evening traveling around the suburbs looking at the Christmas lights. We have joined the Christmas light house decorating this year and last. I think The Builder firmly has the bug now and will be all Griswold next year!

Christmas Dinner


My Mothers parents are Dutch and in Holland Christmas was mostly celebrated on Christmas Eve. My Mother adopted this idea and since I was a child we have had our big Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve. This is something we still do to this day,I love it. All the mess and hard work is done the day before Christmas and simple leftovers with salad will do for lunch. I much prefer cooking a hot roast dinner in the evening rather than the heat of a Summers day.

Table Presents

This one was adopted from The Builder’s family. When they get together for their Christmas celebration one family member would be responsible to gifting a small table present to each of the guests. We have changed it a little however, as we gift each person celebrating Christmas Eve with us a new set of pajamas. This was especially funny the year our daughter invited her boyfriend to meet us for the first time. I think we scared him off!

Christmas Breakfast


When we moved into our Pen Y Llechwedd, we discovered a family of friends. Some of those have moved on in the past few years, but we still host Christmas breakfast on our back deck. It is a great low stress way to catch up with our adopted family, have a few laughs, enjoy delicious food and maybe a champagne or two. One of our neighbours brings their entire family which is so very exciting for us, as they have 2 small grandchildren. Watching their joy, is one of my favourite Christmas memories and reminds me of my own children when they were young.

Boxing Day

Being a blended family means compromise, for us this means that we have all the kids on alternate years for Christmas day, on the other years, we have Christmas with our kids on Boxing Day. While not the same, it’s a great compromise that lets the celebration linger. Something we have all come to enjoy.

The Leighton Cup

christmas traditions

When I was a child, each year my Father would produce a polystyrene cup with the words Leighton Cup and the year written on it. We would then compete within the family and friends who were visiting, in that years chosen sport, for the Leighton Cup. We resurrected the Leighton Cup last year, and will again play for the bragging rights for the year to come.

I am sure there are many more small traditions we share in as a family, but this is an insight into the big things we share each year. I can’t wait to watch the changes as our children move out of home and have their own families, though I do hope some of these will remain.

Do you still observe traditions from when you were a child? What family traditions do you hope will stand the test of time?

Nicole xxx




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  1. What wonderful traditions, Christmas sounds just magic at your house! I love the idea of Christmas Eve dinner and you know how much I love your tree! We make Christmas up as we go along, but we do dust off the advent calendars every year and we always watch Love Actually on Christmas Eve. PS That breakfast is just another reason I wish I was your neighbour!

    1. I love, Love Actually. My favourite Christmas movie. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas Sammie. xx

  2. Wow! You have some brilliant traditions. I love that tree. I completely get doing the Christmas Eve dinner. I am packing up the kids tomorrow and we are going into Mum and Dad’s for a few nights. Mum and I have an oven schedule for Christmas day. The thing is going to be on all morning!! Have a wonderful one. xx

    1. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas Karin. xx

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