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Christmas Table Inspiration-Inspired Space

Christmas Table Inspiration-Inspired Space

My Christmas table this year, will be very similar to our table from last year. Clean white, with some added greenery and a splash of red. I guess the only real theme of Christmas in our home is a natural element to each part of our decorations, whether it be the tree made from sticks, or the bauble ‘eggs’ in the nest from our Jacaranda tree, there is a natural element to each. The table will be no different, and will remain the same for the several times we entertain over the Christmas break. Today though, I would like to share some of the inspirational Christmas tables I found over on Pinterest.

Christmas Table Inspiration Ways


This simple and beautiful table looks fresh and lovely with it’s traditional colours by Finding Home Farms.


Image Source

I love the natural elements on this table. The hessian or burlap is really grounding.


This Floral Christmas Table Runner by Julie Blanner is simple and stunning!


Image Source

Everything about this room is perfect.


Image Source

Even if you only used a few elements from this table it could be amazing!


How about this fun and exciting table by Coco & Kelley

Elegantly lit  holiday dinner table with wine glasses and white ribboned gift

Image Source

Or this beautiful all white table?

Which ever way you choose to decorate your Christmas table, I hope yours is decorated with family and friends who love you.

Do you have a theme ready for your table this year? Any particular colour in mind?

Nicole xxx

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  1. Such beautiful ideas. I love the simplicity of the pomegranate one!

    1. It’s so fresh and lovely, I really like it too! xx

  2. Mine is going to be very simple this year. They all look so beautiful and decadent. One year, I want to buy a few table décor pieces to do a similar look so that every year I have a beautiful Christmas table. x

    1. When the kids were little, we did nothing much at all with the table, now that they are older and have (mostly) mastered the art of not touching, we can have pretty things again. It was a barren few years for me though. xx

  3. Aren’t these all fabulously festive? I wouldn’t mind sitting down to any one of them but I have to say, the Coco and Kelley one is my favourite! As it’s only the two of us, and my desk is the dining room table, we might be eating on our laps this year although I will be so bold as to decorate the trays with a festive bonbon! ?

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