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Christmas Storage Ideas – Inspired Space

Christmas Storage Ideas – Inspired Space

The silly season is over, and if you are anything like me, you simply cannot wait to pack it all away and have a clean and clutter free space again. This weeks inspired space is all about sharing great Christmas storage ideas. I hope you can find a few ideas that will help you.

Christmas Storage Ideas


We use a system very similar to this one from I Heart Organizing. Though I am perfectly happy to admit, we don’t do the colour coded thing. As much as my little heart would love it, we just don’t have many single coloured decorations, we have bits and pieces of lots of things.


Jen takes this one step further and uses snap lock bags to keep everything super organised, and I imagine it adds another layer of protection as well.


Love this storage idea via Laura Russell, a perfect way to keep your baubles from breaking in their containers.


Wrapping Christmas lights around cardboard like shown here by Kim Christensen is a popular idea doing the rounds. We use the original buckets and boxes to store ours in. We even throw in a map on how the lights were put up to save thinking at that busy time of the year next year.


Via The Chic Site

While I don’t actually have any room in our cupboards for this idea, I do think it’s a brilliant way to store wrapping paper.


Don’t have egg cartons? No problem, use this idea with plastic cups to store your baubles as seen at One Good Thing.


This post from The Organised Housewife has some great storage ideas!

While I couldn’t find any great shot, I have heard of many of my friends plastic wrapping their trees as they are, decorated and all, and storing them that way. Sure takes the effort out of the whole process.

Overall the storage boxes seemed the common theme, life I said, it is how we do ours with the added benefit that the decorations don’t get dusty.

How do you store your Christmas items? Are you a fan of the storage box? What do you do with your once in the box?

Nicole xxx


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  1. So many great ideas! I’m totally pinning this! We use under the bed storage boxes for the decorations but I just dump and go. Now I’m off to check if my baubles fit in egg cartons, what a neat idea!

  2. Great post.. useful given I’m avoiding packing Christmas decor at the moment 😩. Will use some of these ideas!

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