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Christmas Lights – Home Improvement Thursday

Christmas Lights – Home Improvement Thursday

It’s that time of the year, time for festivities and cheer. Time for lights and trees and decorations too. We spent our weekend putting up our Christmas lights, while a little earlier than years past, we were simply too excited to wait any longer.

I have fond memories of Christmas light looking as a child with my Dad, it was one of those special days of the year, that we would all jump in the car and spend hours driving all over Brisbane looking at Christmas lights. I remember the excitement and wonder I felt as a child.

In those days, Christmas lights were still quite new here in Australia with very simple displays. Now days displays are elaborate and extensive, thought here at Pen Y Llechwedd, we prefer to stick with the simple.

Christmas Lights

Last year we only had icicle lights strung around the front of the house, this year we have ramped it up a bit, but we think this is where we will comfortably sit, well at least until the Grandchildren arrive!

Christmas Lights

We have added a few strings up the roof line and on the Dutch Gable. Simple but effective. Don’t forget to check your Christmas lights are safe before before putting them up! None of us need a Christmas tragedy.

If you have Christmas lights why not share with us over on my Facebook page, I would love to see how you decorate your homes.

Do you love Christmas or are you a bit of a Grinch? Did you have fond memories of visiting Christmas lights as a child?

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  1. Can I ask how you attached them to the roof line? I have been wondering how I will do this all week.

  2. I love Christmas and if we lived in a house, I would go all out but I think strata would have something to say if I tried to decorate the exterior! I ‘ll just save my lights for the tree! The house looks beautiful!

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