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Christmas Gift Guide for The Handyperson of the House

Christmas Gift Guide for The Handyperson of the House

Just because a tradie wouldn’t really want Christmas presents that are trade or work based, doesn’t mean the home handyperson wouldn’t love a whole sack load of tools from Santa. Here are our top go to tools that will make your life so much easier and are guaranteed to excite the home handyperson.

TBW 10 Must Have Tools for the Home Handyperson

10 Must Have Gifts for The Home Handyperson.

1. Measuring Tape. Every home needs a measuring tape, there our thousands of situations that will make you glad you have one. Invest in a good quality tape to last you years.


2. Hammer. Be sure to choose a claw hammer for multiple uses around the home.


3.Screwdriver Set. A comprehensive set like this one will get you through every situation.


4. Spirit Level. Want to hang that picture straight? Need to make sure your wall is straight? Then you’ll need a spirit level.


5. Allen Keys. Allen keys are often used in the construction of furniture, bikes, towel rails, toilet roll holders etc. Another inexpensive must have.


6. Cordless Drill. The Builder recently came home with a surprise cordless drill just for me, I was so excited and have already used it a dozen times.


7. Electric Sander. The Builder says a random orbital sander is the best buy due to its multi use functioning.


8. Drop Saw. This is one of my favourite tools to use, accurate and quick, this takes the pain out of cutting timber.


9. Circular Saw. Great for getting into tight spaces, an essential tool for the home renovator.


10. Professional Quality Paint Brush. This is my most used tool, and really if you want a quality job, then using quality tools is the right way to go.


As with everything, you get what you pay for. Buy the best quality you can afford to make your handyperson’s day. All the tools featured are available from Masters, which is where I sourced these from. Try and get creative with the wrapping so they don’t have a clue what you have bought ?

Do you have a handyperson in your home? Are you a DIY tragic?

Nicole xxx

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  1. I think we’re getting a Gernie for Christmas from my parents. We keep borrowing their’s and it means we can pressure clean when we want. Not sure how they will wrap it though. Most like just chuck a ribbon on it!

    1. Oh I love our gernie! You’ll love it too!!

  2. OMG I’m still stuck on what to get hubby….still lots to do on the house but he pretty much has every damn drill, power tool, tool…whatever!!! I’d be so nervous going to the shop to buy any of these, maybe I’ll have to bring you with me! lol. We get our new 4 wheel drive this week so perhaps it’ll be something car related! HELP!

    1. I must say until the weekend I was too, but a little idea came to me on Sunday, and now it’s been bought, wrapped and hidden ? Always happy to take you shopping, especially if there is wine after shopping ? ?

  3. I never really know what tools we should have on hand! We have the very basics but it would be nice to have more, we would prefer to be able to make/fix our own things. But that might have to wait until we’re homeowners.

    1. There are plenty of things you can make even while renting. DIY projects can be so much fun!

  4. All great gifts. Most of these have made Boatman’s wish list at some time or another.

    1. He’s a lucky man! ?

  5. My hubster is very handy, and he actually has all of these! I often buy him tools etc for Christmas and birthdays. This year he is getting a dashcam and a rashie ?

    Visiting from #teamIBOT x

    1. Dashcam is such a helpful gift, I love that idea!

  6. Those screw driver sets are super handy. I’m always cracking open Dave’s. It’s awesome to have all of the different sizes.

    1. Me too Renee! I love the little ones the best, I use them all the time!

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