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Choosing The Right Toilet-Nuts & Bolts with Bec from The Plumbette

Choosing The Right Toilet-Nuts & Bolts with Bec from The Plumbette

One of my responsibilities in my position in our building company is to assist clients with selections. This can actually be a complicated job, as there are so many things to take into consideration. This week Bec from The Plumbette is sharing her tips on choosing the right toilet for your bathroom.

Who knew choosing a toilet suite could be so hard? It’s not, if you know what to look out for when choosing your new throne.
Toilets come in range of shapes and styles. I suggest looking at your local Reece or Tradelink showroom to see which toilet suites take your fancy.
It’s important before you fall in love with your new toilet suite that you have some measurements that you can take with you to the showroom.
Firstly you need to work out if the waste of the toilet goes through the ground or the wall. This will determine if you need to order in an s trap toilet pan (through the floor) or a p trap toilet pan (through the wall).
Next, if you can, measure the distance from the wall to the middle of the toilet pan waste. The measurement will be between 180mm to 240mm. Some toilet suites are particular about how far the waste can be from the wall. In most circumstances an offset pan connector can be purchased, but it’s always better to avoid using one of these as they have the potential to cause blockages in the toilet.
The last thing you need to work out is what type of pan you are after.
A concealed pan or wall faced toilet suite is a popular choice as it covers the waste trap of the toilet pan and is easier to clean.

Caroma Profile II Close Coupled Toilet Suite

Image Source

A close coupled toilet suite – where the cistern sits on top of the toilet pan is also another popular choice simply for cleanliness however, these can have problems with maintenance and if the cistern ever needs to be replaced, the whole toilet suite would need to be ripped out.

Caroma Liano Wall Faced Toilet Suites

Image Source

More commonly now are induct cisterns, where the cistern is installed inside the wall and you only see the buttons outside the wall for the toilet suite. Induct toilet suites are a great for creating space in a tight bathroom. You see a lot of the couples on The Block installing induct toilet cisterns to create the illusion of space in their main bathrooms and ensuites. The only drawback is a side or back panel needs to be installed so the plumber can access the cistern for maintenance.

Urbane Wall Faced Toilet Suite Induct Cistern

Image Source

An even newer concept are toilets with the cistern behind them, where the buttons are located at the back of the toilet pan. Not many people are a fan of this style as the toilet seat needs to be down in order to reach for the buttons.

Roca Meridian In Tank Toilet Suite

Image Source

Why replacing your toilet suite is better than replacing the cistern
One of the common misconceptions when making a cosmetic lift to an existing bathroom is reusing the existing toilet pan. I have recommended in the past that a way to save money in the bathroom is just to replace the cistern and toilet seat if wanting to update the toilet.
But there are some issues with this. Most older toilet pans require 9 Litres (some up to 11) of water for a full flush, but most cisterns are now set at 3 litres for a half flush and 6 Litres for a full. In this situation, installing a cistern where the water can be adjusted will rectify that issue. I recommend to avoid the issue altogether, just purchase a new toilet suite. Some toilet suites are cheaper to buy as a whole unit as opposed to individually as a cistern and pan.
What kind of toilet is your preferred suite?

Are you surprised how much is involved with choosing a new toilet?

The Plumbette

Do you have any questions for Bec? Bec is kindly making herself available to answer you questions via her Twitter. If you’d like to see more of Bec’s helpful advice, be sure to pop by her Facebook page and her Blog.

Nicole xxx

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  1. Who knew toilets could be so stylish these days! I really love the idea of the no cistern bit at the back.

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