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Changing Your Roof From Tiles To Colorbond

Changing Your Roof From Tiles To Colorbond

We’ve been talking over the last few weeks about the questions you ask the most. We have touched on our house colours, our bathroom choices and this week we are answering a question that is most commonly asked of the builder, by potential clients looking to update and renovate their homes. The answer to some of these questions will no doubt surprise you, and this first one, really took me surprise. We are often asked can I change my roof from tiles to colorbond, the answer of course is yes, yes you can, but the cost may surprise you.

Changing Your Roof From Tiles To Colorbond

Ok, I was totally shocked when I heard the costings for this, let’s just say its super expensive. In my head a roof designed to hold tiles would have to be extra strong, plenty strong enough for it to be changed to a lighter material, and it is. But that’s not the problem, the problem here lays with wind ratings.

Inside Out

You see, the lighter material in this case colorbond, actually requires more points for it to be tied to the frame to ensure is stays in place when it’s windy.

This will mean your existing home will need to be visited and assessed by a structural engineer who will then design a new “Engineer plan for change of roof design’ to ensure that the new colorbond roof will achieve the correct wind rating to comply with the building code of Australia.

In many cases, this will require additional wall bracing and tie-down from roof to ground work to take place which is where the expense comes in. As a price guide you are looking at a range from $20,000 to $35,000 (approximate guide only) just to re-design and strengthen your home. Remembering, that if you need further tie down and bracing requirements, these need to go inside the walls, and this will mean, re-sheeting, plastering and painting.

Hannah Puechmarin

See I told you it would surprise you! In short, with a builder, you can do almost anything to your home, as long as you have the budget, but with a great builder, who is able to offer you excellent advice, you’ll have an understanding of what will add value to your home and what will not.

Have you wanted to change the material on your roof?




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