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Burn Out

Burn Out


As the owner of a business, there is a real risk of working too hard. When that business is on the edge of expansion, the risk is magnified every day. We are not quite yet at the point of employing more staff, but we should be. It is impossible to delegate when there is no one else left to delegate to. So what is our solution? For now, we are working impossibly long hours, I start most mornings at around 4am, and finish anywhere between 7 and 9pm. Adam hits the ground running at around 5.30am and still going most nights at 9pm. Its long and its busy, but it is so rewarding.

It is difficult to connect as a couple when you are so busy with a business and with so many children, we try to make time each afternoon for a cup of tea and a rescheduling of our diaries. At least then we always know who is meant to be where, and we get to enjoy each others company for a while.

Another strategy we use, is to take time each afternoon from Friday until Sunday, to share a glass of wine and reflect over our week. During this time, we try not to talk about work as such, more about how we are feeling about the week that has been, what we are looking forward too, and how the children are. We both also love to walk together, so if we have time, we will go for a walk either in the early morning before the children wake, or with them as the sun is going down. This provides a little stress relief as well.

Unfortunately in the building game there is rarely a time for mid year holidays, we are lucky enough though to shut down for 3 weeks over Christmas. During this time, we take a family holiday and we usually try and get away for a few days by ourselves.

Our life is full on, though we wouldn’t have it any other way.

How do you not ‘burn out’? What strategies do you use to keep you running on all cylinders?

Nicole xxx

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  1. Burn out is so easily done when you run your own business. I love that the building industry closes at Christmas which forces all workers to take a break. My dad used to head overseas for his breaks to get away from the phone. He would go anytime in the year though because he had me as a back up to look after things at work. I think it’s important to have a second in charge to handle things so you can go away throughout the year as opposed to the high season at Christmas time.

    1. Your Dad is lucky to have you Bec! High season is really expensive, especially when your trying to accommodate 5 children, being able to take a holiday during the year would be much better for our family. We have put that on our dream board for next year, fingers crossed and a lot of hard work, and it will happen. I do love my Christmas break though, coming from the retail industry, I am really happy to be able to take that time to spend with my family at Christmas instead of having to work the season through.

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