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Building Your First Home, What To Expect

Building Your First Home, What To Expect

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Building your first home is a time filled with both excitement and trepidation. Excitement about finally having the home of your dreams, and trepidation because the whole process is new and unknown.. Use this handy guide to wave goodbye to your worries.

Building Your First Home, What To Expect


Once all the decisions have been made, your very first job will be to sign your contract. Signing the contract is a big deal, and when signing with Stockland, their representative will be there to answer any questions you have about purchasing your land and will ensure that your legal representative has all of the information that they need to take you through your contract in detail. From here on it’s full steam ahead!

building your first home, what to expect


Your job will be defined by milestones, these are the all-important points that you will look forward to and celebrate, because each one will mark a significant point in your build process. Milestones include the pouring of the slab, the completion of the frame and roof on and lock-up stage – these all signify the end of one phase and the beginning of the next.


This is my favourite part of the building process: making your selections. Most builders will have showrooms to house the selections they have for you to choose from. While it can be a daunting task to make choices, experts will assist you, helping you to make the most of this opportunity.


You will not be allowed on site until the build process is complete. But that shouldn’t stop you from visiting your new neighbourhood and taking this time to get to know your community. Stockland is community focused, encouraging healthy living and strong community bonds. While you’re building your home, get to know the parks, playgrounds and cycle ways featured in most Stockland communities. Stockland may also run many community activations for you to meet your neighbours, such as free fitness classes, walking groups or mums and bubs groups.

building your first home, what to expect

Final Inspection

While you’ve been busy meeting the neighbours and exploring where you are building your dream home, your builder will be completing the build. Upon completion, the builder will invite you to do a final inspection of your home. This is your opportunity to ensure that everything is as you had envisioned – this is one of the most exciting benchmarks.


The day has arrived, finally it’s handover day! You will be presented with the keys to your brand-new dream home, and it will be time to move in. Most importantly, this home is now yours, your dreams have come true.

Building a new home is an exciting adventure and being part of a new community is the cherry on top. Enjoy the process and don’t forget to take lots of photos, you’ll love looking over them as time goes on.


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