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Boy’s Nursery – Inspired Space

Boy’s Nursery – Inspired Space

I thought today I’d show some beautiful ideas for a Boy’s Nursery, just for something different.  Whilst my child bearing days are behind me, I do love the process of setting up a nursery, and the anticipation of welcoming a precious bundle of joy in to the world.   This is a great project that the Dad’s can be hands on and involved in, and might even help them to prepare their hearts to welcome their baby.  As Mothers, our bodies and hormones are already doing this for us!

Boy’s Nursery – Inspired Space

Boy's NurseryImage Source

I love this Nursery from Sinclair and Moore.  The room looks so light and airy, and the colour scheme they have chosen creates such a simplistic and calming space.  A rocking chair, or any comfortable chair for feeding and (sometimes many) hours of comforting and rocking your baby is a must.

Boy's NurseryImage Source

Having an area to display your boy’s special stuffed toys or items is also essential.  I love the upcycling of this metal step ladder for use as shelves in what could otherwise be quite a poky space.

Image Source

There are many different ways you can create a nappy change area in your boy’s nursery.  Whether you use a change table, or simply a chest of drawers with a change mat on top.

Boy's Nursery Image Source

These hanging shelves are a fantastic non-obtrusive way to display favourite books, and to keep the special ones out of reach of little hands.  I love the use of the hand rail to hang the toy baskets.

Boy's Nursery

 Image Source

There are literally thousands of mobiles you can choose from to hang above your baby’s cot, or you can make one yourself.  This bird mobile was a DIY from Lindsey at SimplySalvage.  I love the uniqueness of this, and I’m sure her baby will spend many hours completely intrigued by it.

Boy's NurseryImage Source

A well organised wardrobe or cupboard is essential for the nursery.  With a crying baby, you don’t have time to sort through many drawers or baskets for a clean outfit or nappy rash cream, it all needs to be readily available.  The hanging baskets on the back of the wardrobe door are great for maximising storage.

 Boy's NurseryImage Source

With so many cots to choose from in various colours, shapes and sizes you’ll need to do your research.  White goes well with almost any decor and colour scheme.

There are so many themes and colours to choose from when planning your Boy’s Nursery, and so many pieces of furniture.  Is there a favourite colour that you would choose?  Do you have any favourite items that you would display in their room?  Are you currently planning a nursery, or have just completed one?

Nicole xxx

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  1. This is perfect timing as after we’ve FINALLY cleared all the crap out of what will be our new bub’s room I’m now trying to work out how to decorate it as I want it to be special as this little one will have so many hand me downs. We’ve painted the walls a light grey, have dark grey carpet and white furniture so a lot of these ideas will work for us – thanks!

    1. Now that is exciting! I cannot wait until I am a grandmother, though it is years away yet. I really want to help decorate the babies room 🙂 The colours in your room will be gorgeous for a babies room xx

  2. […] to withstand the vibrant and perpetual energy that boys seem to generate.  I’ve looked at Boys Nursery‘s along with Tween Boys Rooms previously, but today it’s all about the Boys. […]

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