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Big Kitchens – Inspired Space

Big Kitchens – Inspired Space

Our former home had a huge kitchen and for our large family, it really was what we needed. Making school lunches with 5 kids and the builder in the kitchen all trying to make their breakfast, is not a pleasant experience in a small kitchen. It is a struggle we face here at Pen Y Llechwedd nearly every morning. When first planning our kitchen reno here, we had decided on a really large extension to effectively double the size of our kitchen area. Though I am not sure that will actually happen now, here are some of the kitchen for which our inspiration was founded on.

Big Kitchens To Inspire

This is our previous kitchen, plenty of room not only for us all to work, but a fantastically huge island bench for us all to eat at. As we are all grazers, our preferred way to eat is in the kitchen, therefor the island was a real feature for us.

I love American kitchens, they tend to be big and bold and right up my alley. The 3 above are no exception, all designed by Lissa Lee-Hickman, I can really imagine our big family seamlessly enjoying our morning routine in them.

The team at Rural Building Company have nailed this take on a modern spacious kitchen. While the design is not my typical favourite, I really love the layout of the open plan space.

My favourite style is still the classic Hamptons Style, executed perfectly here by Nobby Kitchens.

Big kitchens will always have my heart, they are my preferred size of kitchen for our large family. With clever design a big kitchen can be carved out of a seemingly smaller space to create the kitchen of your dreams.

Do you have a big kitchen? Are you in a small kitchen wanting to bust out? Which is your favourite kitchen style?

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