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Large Bathrooms – Inspired Space

Large Bathrooms – Inspired Space

In our month of bathrooms on Inspired Space, I thought today we’d look at large bathrooms. With a family of 7, I’d love to have a really large bathroom, but we just don’t have the space here. Most of us would love a decadent large bathroom or ensuite though, wouldn’t we? So let’s dream for a bit together.

7 Large Bathrooms to Inspire

IMG_9548 Image Source
Such an enormous shower/bath space.

Inspired Space

Inspired Space

Inspired SpaceImage Source
How gorgeous is this bathroom!

Inspired SpaceImage Source
I love the simplistic design of this bathroom, and the bathtub.

Inspired Space

Inspired Space

Inspired Space Image Source
What’s not to love about this bathroom?

Inspired Space

Inspired SpaceImage Source
I love this vanity!

Large Bathrooms
Large BathroomsImage Source

Large BathroomsImage Source
Who wouldn’t love a fireplace in their bathroom!!

Have you got a large bathroom or are you wishing for one? What is the most luxurious addition you have in your bathroom?

Nicole xxx

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  1. Oh my word! Some of those bathrooms look almost as big as my apartment! We stayed in a holiday house last week and it had a massive bathroom, almost as big as the bedroom. If I had a big bathroom like that, I’d definitely have double sinks and a really huge, deep claw foot tub. That would be just dreamy!

    1. Crazy big aren’t they! I miss our old ensuite, it was so big, but am also pretty happy with the size of our new ensuite ?

  2. What gorgeous bathrooms. The only thing about having a big bathroom is a bigger space to clean! But it’s great for big families… not that they would use the bathroom at once unless they are brushing their teeth?! Or you’re husband and wife. Still love the idea of a big bathroom, not the fact of cleaning it.

    1. I have to admit, I am happy to clean a big space, or several bathrooms, just to get my own space. xx

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