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Bedroom Inspiration-Inspired Space

Bedroom Inspiration-Inspired Space

This week is the anniversary of when we moved into Pen Y Llechwedd. A whole year has passed. It’s been the most amazing year, with so many changes and this week I will share some of our transformations with you. But first, let’s reflect on the inspiration we used for our bedroom.


Image Source

This image is where it all began. Soft and neutral, while being elegant and warm.


Image Source

Again the soft greys and white linen are exactly what we where looking for.


Image Source

As an alternative to the grey, we also looked at a more natural neutral colour, which I still love.

Looking back over these images, I am taken aback by how closely our bedroom resembles the pictures. While we did choose the grey colour in our bedroom, we have interestingly begun using the more natural neutral colour in other parts of our home.

We still have a way to go with our renovation, a bathroom and ensuite to be finished, painting to be done, and the laundry and library to be finalised. It is so close now I can nearly feel it. Thank you for being here and sharing in our renovation, we are loving having you with us. Your comments and support make the whole process so much more enjoyable.

Is there somewhere in our home you would like to see this week? Have you attempted a renovation?

Nicole xxx

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  1. I think it’s amazing what you’ve achieved in a year and I want to see it all!

    1. I do hope you get to visit sometime, I would love to share a few glasses of nibbles on the deck with you xxx

  2. Want to see it all:) would love to see before pics too, are they here on the blog?

    1. No Erin, I’ve kept them secret for maximum impact on reveal ? Watch this space…..

  3. Wow this is amazing! I just love white in bedrooms.:)

    1. I love them too Kat, though I did worry about builder hubby and white linen. The worry was worthwhile, however I think I found a way around it. xx

  4. […] mixing this with other retro highlights. There are plenty of retro inspired pieces available from furniture stores in all capital cities such as Super Amart. Whether you chose a vintage style chair, a bedside table […]

  5. I’m really loving the look of headboards lately. We don’t have one. Just an ensemble but I think it’s on the cards.

    1. Some are really easy to make yourself, depending on what style you would like. Check out Pinterest for some easy tutorials. xx

  6. I’m a huge fan of neutrals, it allows you to add to it in any way you like.

    1. Me too Eva, it leaves scope for seasonal change. xx

  7. Wow! These bedrooms are stunning, I love the white and neutral colour combo. Looks so sleek and clean! Look forward to seeing pics of your room! ?

  8. Your bedroom is stunning. I love your inspiration. I find I like too many things and jumble them together which doesn’t always make a cohesive look!

  9. Your home is just stunning! It’s rare to see such a stunning Queenslander and the way you’ve renovated is ah-mahzing! You must be counting down the days until you’ve finished and can just enjoy putting your feet up with a drink in hand on your verandah ?

    1. Thank you Gina. So excited to see the end coming! xx

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