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Pen Y Llechwedd – Bar Carts

Pen Y Llechwedd – Bar Carts

There are many trends that I am happy to follow, none more appealing to me than the bar carts trend. Now that is a fashion I can get my mouth self into! When we first bought our Pen Y Llechwedd, we sat and had a big discussion about how we wanted to decorate the house. Fortunately, we both loved the history of the home. With this in mind, it was decided we would create a home with traditional features and modern compliments. It hasn’t been easy, but the addition of our bar carts is something we feel nods to both eras.

Pen Y Llechwedd – Bar Carts

Library Bar Cart

Our library is perhaps our most favourite room in the house. The library lacks ornate ceilings and we first assumed this room to be a gentlemens room, although when the former original resident of the home came to visit we found this not to be so. Our thought when deciding how to decorate this space, was to create a stronger more masculine room. A thought we extended to the bar cart.

bar carts

Don Drapper was our influence when deciding how to decorate this cart. He certainly woudln’t be drinking champagne or white wine! Hence the purchase of our gorgeous Royal Dalton whiskey decanter and glasses. To this we added an antique tray to give the decanter a pop. A few extra glasses and the obligatory bottle of red on the top tray, a few more glasses and bottles of port and red on the bottom and simple as that, it’s done. The beautiful ice bucket and leather coasters were purchased from Pottery Barn a few oranges for colour and we are ready for Friday afternoons!

Dining Room Bar Cart

Not to be outdone, I really wanted my own bar cart. To be honest we have had this one since we first moved into the house. This table was purchased from Gumtree, I then sanded and stained it myself as my first ever DIY job. After starting its life as a hall table, I quickly saw its true potential, as a bar table!



My bar cart (table) was designed to be a little more feminine. Yes I still have a decanter, because who says girls don’t like whiskey, it also has many white wine glasses. Paired with a candle (love candles) a few limes for a fresh twist and a new tray as opposed to an antique one. Because this table was older, we were able to place a new tray on the table without upsetting the flow. A tray like this would not have worked on the library cart.



While many may think we are alcoholics, the truth is we just love good bar carts.

Are you a fan of the bar cart? What is your favourite drink? Do you like whiskey? What was that one drink you overdid it on and can’t tolerate anymore?

Nicole xxx

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  1. We’re big on Negroni’s at the moment but the bottles are kept hidden away in the cupboard…no space for carts here….

  2. Love this Nicole and the peeks into your beautiful home. I also have a bar cart (mirrored table) set up which is featuring gin quite heavily as I love a good G&T. I’m going to copy you and add a candle. My husband has added rum to it (at the moment he has a special “Cowboys” one!) We also have one in the “library” which is more of a collection decanters & ice buckets that we have been given over time. I’m a Pimms fan too, like you!

  3. We got rid of our bar cart when our twins started toddling! Maybe now it’s time to reinstall one!

  4. Lady, you are Queen of the Bar Cart! I think you’ve found your niche – they look oh, so inviting! I love a Bloody Mary, although when I was in Canada I discovered the Caesar which is like a Bloody Mary but made with clamato (clam and tomato juice) instead of regular tomato juice. It’s lucky I left the country because they were totes addictive!

  5. OMG – I am sadly lacking – I have NO bar cart. Love yours though and love your house! ?

  6. Ooooh yes I love a good bar cart. I have one in my dining room as well, that I upcycled from an ugly old brassy op shop cart that I picked up for $10. Nice spray of matt black paint and it looks so much better.

  7. A bar cart! Not something I have ever given much thought to but I’m loving both of yours. I used to have some antique decanters. Carted (ha!) them around from home to home for many years then donated them to charity. Now seeing your beautiful Royal Dalton I am wishing I didn’t. They look very similar to the ones I had. Eeek! This is why I struggle to throw stuff away! ?

  8. I had been hearing about these and wondered what they were..and lo and behold realised that they were part of my era of growing up in the 1960s once I saw the pics. My mum had one that was decorative for flowers and trinkets because Dad purchased (and still uses) a cocktail cabinet!! Denyse #teamIBOT

  9. I love this and the whole retro vibe. Both are gorgeous.

  10. We’re not really big drinkers (hubby doesn’t drink at all), so not a thing for us. My mum and dad had a bar cupboard when I was growing up. It was a mirrored dresser that you pulled down the door and opened the bar with the glasses and bottles. I always thought it was pretty cool.

  11. I ADORE bar carts, we had a few at my parent’s house growing up and my aunts house. We have a booze cabinet here, I do hope when we move to bigger digs… not sure when we’ll find one we like, that I can get my interior decorator on! xx

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