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Backyard Transformation – A Handy Guide

Backyard Transformation – A Handy Guide

This post has been written in collaboration with Sunshower Online.

With the festive season just behind us, it’s a great time to be focusing on making a few improvements to your backyard. An expensive time of year, the last thing you want to be spending a lot of money on is the garden maintenance. Fortunately, sprucing up your backyard is easier than you might think.

The smallest of changes can have a big impact, so don’t worry about large-scale landscaping projects or tearing up the space and starting over. These are tasks for lazy, hazy spring days when the planting season is in full swing. Instead, focusing on the little things. Add accent lights, keep a check on unruly weeds, and make sure that the lawn stays green and vital.

This guide to reinvigorating a tired outdoor space will give you some inspiration and help you transform your yard into a perfectly pretty natural retreat.


Get Some Outdoor Lighting


One of the quickest ways to change the look and mood of a garden is by adding signature accent lights. Garden lights are a wonderful landscaping tool because they are very low maintenance. Solar and LED bulbs require almost no attention at all and will shine for substantially longer than you might expect. LEDs, for example, have a longevity of years and can save you money by eliminating the need for replacements.

Plant Some Lively Blooms

While the ideal time for planting is in early spring, you might just get away with sneaking a few bulbs into the garden if you protect them with mulch afterwards. Otherwise, the heat of the sun could prove too much and suck out all of the moisture from the soil. Mulch, usually in the form of wood chips, is scattered over bulbs or seeds and acts as a warm, moist barrier.

Eliminate the Dead Weight

When it comes to gardening advice, the focus is always on how to grow in the most efficiently way possible. Yet, eliminating unhelpful parts of a plant is also an essential aspect of maintenance. This is referred to as ‘dead heading’ for flowers. Wilting or faded blooms are cut from the rest of the plant because they are destined to die, but they’ll use up valuable resources before they go. You can stop this from happening by simply snipping them away.

Power Wash the House

There’s no point investing a lot of time and love in your garden if the outside of the house can’t match its beauty. Fortunately, renting a power washing device is very easy and quite affordable. Within the space of an afternoon, you can give the entire façade a serious scrub and wash away years of dirt and grime. You’ll be amazed that it is the same house by the time that you’re through. Keep up the routine (twice per year) and it will remain in tip top shape.

Add a Cool Feature

If you’re looking for a way to add dimension and interest to your garden, why not introduce a signature feature or a distinctive decorative object? Birdbaths are a popular choice, as they perform two functions. They add character to an outdoor space and they serve as a safe place for the neighbourhood creatures to hang out. You could continue the theme and hang up a bird box or two to really encourage critters to congregate. Or, you could keep it simple and arrange a flower bed around a small, modest water feature.

Why a Little Effort Goes a Long Way in the Garden

Maintaining a great garden is all about learning what works for you. If you’re not the type of person who falls in love with manicured lawns and perfectly trimmed hedges, opt for something altogether wilder. Similarly, if order and symmetry do delight the green fingered goddess inside you, indulge the passion and go gaga for latticework, trellises, and neat, pretty flower beds.

We love our gardens here at Pen Y Lledchwedd, and have really started to enjoy gardening as one of our favourite hobbies. After a fair bit of work in the beginning, we are now able to simply spend an hour or 2 a week maintaining what we have put in place.

Are you a gardener? Plans for gardening this Summer? Is there any better smell than the smell of fresh cut grass?

Nicole xxx


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  1. We have to get the weeds out of the back garden and remulch. We were hoping to do it before Christmas, but ran out of time and energy. We’ve started to spruce up the front of our gardens though. There’s always something that can be done to make your outdoor area look better.

  2. We’ve been working with a home owner with one acre, to transform their backyard – from scratch! It’s amazing what they’ve achieved already and can’t wait to see it further down the track

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