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Back To School – Inspired Space

Back To School – Inspired Space

This time of year is such a busy time, first it’s Christmas, then New Year and now we have to think about the back to school rush! With 4 of our 5 at high school, this is a crazy time and always has me looking for new ways to keep my kids organised. This week in Inspired Space, we are looking at desk inspiration. While I know there are many families who prefer the kids to do their homework at the dinner table, we have such a busy house it is essential for concentration for the kids to use the desks in their rooms.

Back to School Desk Ideas For Kids



Desks do not need to be elaborate or expensive. Brit from House Updated has done a fantastic job with this Ikea desk.


Via Smart Furniture


Via RAW Sunshine Coast



The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose
The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose



Via West Elm


Steph from Bondville created an amazing desk space for her 7 year old daughter using an Ikea desk top and trestle legs.

As you can see from what I have shown here today, desks do not need to be expensive or bulky. With a little creative thinking, you can create an awesome desk space for your child.

Do your kids have desks in their rooms? Did you have a desk when you were a child?

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  1. Both our kids have desks in their rooms. You’ve provided so much lovely desk inspiration I’m thinking their little study areas might need a makeover!

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