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Autumn Decor Update

Autumn Decor Update

I have written many times about how I like to give my place a little update each season, for us it freshens the house a little and stops me from getting itchy feet! I’m not huge to moving furniture etc, preferring to add and subtract little touches here and there. For our Autumn decor update this year, we are looking to bring in some elements that make us feel cosy. While it doesn’t get cool here in Brisbane for months yet, the light does begin to change pretty rapidly now, and I like for us to feel warm and comforted.

Autumn Decor Update

  1. Virgo Table Lamp. Keeping the light in mind, my first choice this year is this stunning Virgo table lamp from Brosa. I really enjoy my nightly ritual of lighting all the lamps in the house. We have them every where and love the ambience they provide.
  2. Thoreau Woven Basket. We tend to use throw rugs when it finally does become chilly. Having a bigger family, we love to have at least one each in the family room. That’s is a lot of throws for us, and having too many placed around our house tends to make it feel hot, so clever storage is a must. The Thoreau Woven Basket from LivingStyles, comes with a lid, making it perfect for storage of the throws, but also can double up as a handy little table. We love a Sunday family movie afternoon with nibbles and popcorn, an extra table always comes in handy!
  3. Monique Lhuillier Blossom Embroidered Quilt. Changing our bedding is essential for our Autumn decor update, again while it doesn’t get cold here for a while yet, I do love the feel of our bedroom when there are extra seemly warm layers on the bed. Most of which for us are put aside for sleep, but look inviting when the bed is made each day. I love the texture on the Monique Lhuillier Blossom Embroidered Quilt from Pottery Barn.
  4. Antalya Towel Range. I admit this one might strike you as a little strange, but I do update our towels for each season. Think big, fluffy towels for Autumn and Winter and lovely Turkish towels for Spring and Summer. Why not have a little extra luxury everyday! This affordable but luxurious towel range from Pillow Talk called The Antalya Towel range, gets my vote!
  5. Rug Matrix Aztec. Layering textures is the quickest way to add warmth and feeling to a room. Starting with a rug, will give your space a great foundation to build on. The colours in this Rug Matrix Aztec from April & Oak, will work perfectly in our living room. With several sizes to chose from, including a massive 240/340, it feels just right for our decor update.
  6. Navy Blanket Stitch Cushion. Much to the dislike of The Builder and our kids, I love cushions and regularly walk the line between just enough and losing one of the kids behind them all. Cushions can be an inexpensive way to update your decor. On our lounge, we have mix of high end custom made cushions and cheapies from Ikea. Mixing and matching is a great way to achieve a luxe look for less. This Navy Blanket Stitch Cushion from Hunting For George, is a perfect choice for Autumn. The heavy stitching giving feelings of security and warmth. I love it!
  7. Glasshouse Arabian Nights 350g. Do you ever notice that smells change with the seasons? In Summer I like light fresh scents, but come Autumn and Winter, I prefer a heavier scent for our home. This Glasshouse candle in Arabian Nights, is a bit of a favourite here for both kids and adults alike.
  8. IS Eva Mirror. Living in a Queenslander, the lighting in the deeper parts of our home can be really average, but come the cooler seasons, it’s even worse. Our simple remedy to this, is to place plenty of mirrors around to reflect the light that does come into the rooms. Mirrors like this IS Eva Mirror, can do wonders for improving the natural lighting in your home.

Updating your home is a breeze with a few well thought out choices and when purchasing well, you will be able to use them for years to come.

Do you change your home for each Season? Summer or Winter?

**This post contains affiliate links as per my disclosure statement.

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  1. I love that the basket doubles as a table!

  2. That basket is genius and I can almost smell that candle from here!

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