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Auction Results – Where To From Here

Auction Results – Where To From Here

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you will see that we failed to sell under the hammer. I can’t say we are too upset by this, for a few reasons. We refuse to sell the house under value, and we love our home, and are quite happy to stay here until the right buyer is found.


What now for us? Well the house went to market yesterday with an “offers over” price. We will leave it on the market like this for a short period of time, and then worse case scenario, we take it off! See, really not sad ?

While we have found another house that we like, and will suit our requirements, we have not set our heart on anything, preferring to wait until our house sells, if it does, and then we can get serious about our search.

We’ve made the mistake before of falling in love with something we might not get, so this time our approach has been completely different. If this house is still there when we are ready, and the price is right, we are happy to look again.

For now, I get to be done with the open homes!! Woohoo, not unhappy at all! We will now only be opening the house for private inspections. For us this means we can live normally again, for a while anyway.

I have no idea what the universe has in store for us, but we are content to try and trust the best we can. For now though, its about getting stuck into the few business ideas we spoke about last month and enjoying every day we have here while we can.

Have you failed to sell under the hammer? Ever wonder just what the universe has in store for you?

Nicole xxx






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  1. Is this your current home pictured? OMG it’s stunning! Don’t sell it! I love this style of home.

  2. Well that’s a shame but there’s always a silver lining. And as you say, you’ll find the right owner in time. #teamIBOT

  3. It sounds like you aren’t too upset, so that’s both good. I think usually things end up aligning so it’ll be interesting to see what’s up next!

  4. I think everything happens for a reason, and the reason the house didn’t sell is because the right buyers haven’t turned up yet, or at least the right buyers with the right price tag! I know the planets will align and you will soon entrust Pen Y Llechwedd to new custodians and that you’ll find your forever home too – in the meantime, you get to stay and enjoy your beautiful home a little longer. Win, win!

  5. I like to think houses choose their owners so your’s is just waiting for the right ones to turn up, as you said. Enjoy this special time.x

  6. Oh, it didn’t sell? How on earth is that possible! Clearly the right owner just hasn’t found it yet. A house such as this needs to find its perfect match.

  7. I think your approach is the sanest way forward. The right people will come soon. They probably had some ducks to get in a row first xxx

  8. I’m so glad that despite not getting a sale you’re happy with the outcome nonetheless! The right buyer will find you at the right time, and yay to no more open homes!!!

  9. Oh gosh, it’s exciting times for you! I hope you find the right buyer for your home and the perfect new home for you ?

  10. I am sad it didn’t sell but also glad you stuck to your decision on not letting her go under-valued. The onerous open days are stopped for a while it seems. I am not one who can always be 100% of the view of what is meant to happen will (I like more certainty than that!) but it really is the best plan. As for not falling in love (yet) with the next place, good on you for the self-restraint. But no-one needs to be concerned about buying before selling as Australia is tending to a slow down in sales in housing. Just a little. best wishes for whatever is ahead. D xx

    1. Thank you Denyse, it is a funny time in real esate. We were just at a home on Wednesday that had sold in the last month for similar to what we are asking, however it was only 2 bed, 1 bath on 612m block. Here we are 45 minutes from Brisbane with 5 bed 3 bath, 1200m block. Blows my mind. xx

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