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Archer & Co – Small Business Spotlight

Archer & Co – Small Business Spotlight

When I first put the call out for suggestions of small businesses who may wish to participate in the Small Buisness Spotlight posts, my good friend Eva from Multitasking Woman introduced me to her friend Jane. Jane is the talented woman behind Archer & Co, and a fellow Ipswich local. At the time Jane was transforming her business and we again recently connected to spend some time together and talk about her home fragrance company.

I not only love Jane’s products, but her company as well. Genuine through and through with more than an eye for detail, I think you will love Jane’s story as I have loved getting to know her.

Archer & Co – Small Business Spotlight

Please introduce yourself and your business?

Jane Archer wife to Andrew, mum to Flynn and Lucy the Labradoodle and 10 beautiful hens. We operate our Studio in a beautiful 1903 cottage in historic Woodend. I love our old home and the history of Ipswich in general! I especially love the story of the land on which our Studio sits, which was once part of a Cotton Farm (dating back to the 1860’s). Here they produced the first crop of cotton grown in Australia that was considered to be of a high enough quality that it could actually be shipped back to the ‘mother land’ for use by the English!

How did your business begin?

Out of an absolute LOVE of all things that smell divine. I was tired of having to pay exorbitant prices to get candles that actually filled my home with fragrance. There are cheaper products on the market but they lack the strength that the expensive candles mange to achieve and I’ve wasted so much money on these in the false hope of getting something great at an affordable price… I spent 18 months developing my own wax blend and fragrances and was so pleased with these I started giving them as gifts, soon, as fate would have it, my passion led to orders from family and friends and we’ve grown rather quickly from there!

What obstacles did you face and how did you overcome them?

Getting my brand awareness has been the hardest thing. Running a business from a small studio means I don’t have a retail presence that many sellers rely on for getting their brand into the market place. I have, however, been blessed with an amazing group of loyal customers who purchase from me over and over again, and who so generously spread the word for me, and their kindness has been instrumental in my success.

Tell us a little more about the product or services you provide?

Currently Archer & Co offer candles in 2 sizes – a 260g or 380g. These have the scent throw of a triple-scented candle, and we are constantly delighted with the feedback we get from our customers.

My favourite comment from visitors to my own home, is that our fragrances gently waft out the front door to greet them when they arrive and how welcoming this makes our house feel!

Getting the most from your Archer & Co products: Always burn your candle long enough for the full diameter of the candle to be melted before extinguishing. This will allow your candle to melt evenly the entire way down and will avoid nasty ‘tunnelling’ which can cause your candle to burn unevenly. Our candles can be burned for hours on end, however if you want to optimise the life of you candle shorter burn times are advised. Wood wicks may need trimming from time to time especially if you find your flame is larger than usually or your candle is burning too fast. Wooden wicks are generally very clean burning and make little to no soot, however if you notice any build up of black on your glass, simply clean if off with a damp cloth and a little dish washing liquid.

We also make a beautiful range of 200ml Room Diffusers which will last up to 4 months. When using reed diffuser, turn the sticks periodically to “refresh” them, this ensures the fragrance dispenses readily into the air and keeps your home smelling amazing!

Where would you like to see your business in 5 years?

My dream for Archer & Co is to be a well-known supplier to lovers of high quality products for their home. We hope to include not just home fragrance, but also a range of beautiful and Affordable Home decor items and jewellery Items that we hand craft. WATCH THIS SPACE!!!

I can certainly attest to being able to smell the gorgeous fragrances from Jane’s home as you approach the door, it’s so beautiful.

Jane and her business can be found on Facebook, Instagram and on her new story at Etsy.

Do you love candles as much as I do? What is your favourite scent for a candle?

Nicole xx

Although Small Business Spotlight is not a sponsored post, Jane did kindly gift me two of her amazing candles. The Small Business Spotlight opportunity is open to small businesses who have products that can be used in the home, if you are interested, please contact me through my contact page.



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