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And we are In!

And we are In!

That’s it, we made it…..just. Whilst not a difficult move, after the last few weeks it was really taxing. We have only just begun to surface, well sort of. There are boxes everywhere, and a million things not yet done, but all Adam and I can see, is a home we love. I have never felt so light, happy and content. We have most defiantly found our forever home, and not just because I refuse to ever move again!

I am learning to live with the renovation, with not feeling organised, with dust, tools, materials and people in my space, and I must admit, I love it. I love Pen Y Llechwedd, I love my home, I love my space, I love my place in history. It is so special to be a part of something great and special. We feel truly blessed.






How are things looking at your place this week?

Nicole xxx





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