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How To Add Value To Your Home

How To Add Value To Your Home

This post has been written in collaboration with Thomsons Outdoor Pine.

One of the things I talk a lot about on the blog, is how to add value to your home. I am frequently asked what is the number one thing homeowners can do to add value, and I am happy to say it is as simple as adding a deck. Especially in Queensland, a deck is an expected lifestyle addition to a home, and those without one, can benefit financially by the simple addition of a deck. There are few tips if you are considering doing this job yourself though.

What You Should Consider Before Adding a Deck


To add value to your home, the placement of your deck must be carefully chosen to enhance the liveability of the home. Decks that are placed out from the kitchen or dining room, work well for entertaining, while a deck of the master bedroom will not, and therefore not add much if any value. A deck that is placed off an area in the home that is already well used, will create a feeling of connectivity, which is essential for value.

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Fernbrooke Homes


While there are many options for materials to construct your new deck from, nothing replaces the great Australian feel of a timber deck. Timber decks are by far the most common and popular form of decks, however tiles or modwood are also options.


Decks should be easily accessed for them to be considered an asset to the home. Careful consideration should be given to how your deck will connect to you inside living spaces. Bi-fold or French doors are great options for really opening the inside living space to the deck space which in turn will invite use. Perfect for adding value.


Looking from my kitchen to my deck.


Furnishing your deck for correct use is especially helpful for adding value when selling your home. Essentially you are selling the idea of using the deck. Furnish the deck with your potential buyer in mind perhaps you are offering a relaxing space, or an outdoor dining room maybe even a bar area. Put a bit of time into thinking how best to sell the idea of using the deck and furnish appropriately.

Adding a deck to your home really is an investment that will pay off, especially if carefully planned and thought out.

Do you have a deck on your home? Can you see yourself using a deck? Have you had a financial gain by the addition of a deck?



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