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A Christmas Gift Guide For A Tradie

A Christmas Gift Guide For A Tradie

I’ve thought long and hard about this post, and originally it was going to be very typical, you now get the tradie a new tool, or get the tradie a new girly calendar, but the truth is, most if not all tradies really don’t want stuff for work for Christmas they want something exciting, they want to feel spoilt and appreciated just like the rest of us. I mean seriously, if The Builder gave me a new iron for Christmas, not only would I bob him over the head with it, I’d then pack my bags!

So here is my real gift guide, these are the kinds of presents The Builder will be given on Christmas morning.

The Builders Wife Tradie Gift guide2


A. Chipolo Bluetooth Item Finder

B. Kreafunk Agroove Wireless Speaker

C. Espresso-Scented Mancandle

D. Kreafunk Ahead Wireless Headphones

E. Dear Dad from Me to You Book

F. Bathroom Travel Case

G. Donkey Products Snore Stopper

H. Tartan Coloured Bow Tie in Light Blue

I. Personalised Bike Ideas Notebook

J. Chrono Sort-Of Black Watch

All of these gifts I found on the Hard to Find website, this place is the holy grail for gift buying, especially for those hard to buy for people, we all have those.

What sort of gifts do you purchase your significant other? Ever been given an iron?

Nicole xxx

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  1. Great selection of gifts right there. Although, sometimes tradies do like a tool that they have been saving up for or something that will help them with their hobby. I totally love that tool box bathroom travel case. Hard to Find is a great place to find unique gifts for everyone.

    1. Most definitely, our apprentice would be happy to receive a tool for Christmas, in fact there might already be one for him under the tree, but if I were to give The Builder one it wouldn’t end well ?

  2. These are great ideas, especially as I haven’t even thought about what to get my husband yet! I love Hard to Find.

    1. Me too Lauren xx

  3. OMG we neeeeed a snore stopper!

    1. Bahahahaha! I’ll remember that next time I see you both! xx

  4. I love that bathroom tool case!

    1. It’s really cool isn’t!

  5. OMG the mancandle – that is the BEST! HAHAHHAHAHHAHA! Mine is going to get a power tool. No idea what it is – he’s already sent me the link. Nudge, nudge…

    1. Ha ha ha, Love that he has sent the link! If I bought The Builder a power tool, he’d likely pack up his stuff and bugger off that same day, BUT if he bought me one, it would be the sweetest gift ever. Funny how we are all different.

  6. Husband’o’mine flits between wanting tools and NO NO NO NO MORE TOOLS NO NO NO. This year we’re in a NO year, so this list is perfect! Thanks! (Except that mancandle. I don’t get what’s going on there. In fact, I’m a little disturbed …) #teamIBOT

    1. Bahahaha! The Mancandle is a cracker! Hope your Husband finds what he wishes for under the tree this year ?

  7. I just gave my husband some awesome headphones for his birthday. He’d love the wireless speaker too. Great selection.

    1. Thanks Renee, I am sure those headphones will come in real handy!

  8. At work googling for ideas on what to get clients who are building and who should I find? You! Thanks for the tips.
    Fee x

    1. Surprise! Thanks for visiting! xx

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