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A BBQ Buying Guide-How Many Burners Do I Need?

A BBQ Buying Guide-How Many Burners Do I Need?

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How Many Burners Do I Need? A BBQ Buying Guide
Can you believe it’s only a few short days until Winter is banished and Spring arrives. Along with the warmth comes, mozies, and barbeques. With Father’s day only around the corner, now is a great time to consider a new BBQ. To take the stress out of buying your new BBQ, take note of this handy buying guide.

Size Matters
It’s are really common question, when researching which BBQ to buy, “How many burners do I need?” To determine this, you will first have to think about size in regards to usage. Obviously with a big family of 7, we need as big a BBQ as we can buy, however if there is only you, or you and a partner, a far smaller model will suffice. Don’t forget to take into consideration what you will be barbequing. If you are planning on cooking a variety of meats and vegetables, then think about choosing multiple burners to avoid cross-contamination. If you are still unsure, seek the advice of a specialty retailer such as BBQ Galore before purchasing.
Gas vs Charcoal
This is a big part of the choice. Charcoal tends to be the product of choice for those after that authentic ‘BBQ’ flavour, as well as something that really seals in the moisture of your food. Gas barbeques on the other hand, are ready to use almost immediately. Another advantage of gas is the versatile heating, as with a BBQ that has multiple burners that can be set to different temperatures, meaning you can cook a variety of foods at the same time.
The Cost of Quality
An important point ot consider with any purchase is the cost, as well as the quality you are getting for it. The old adage, you get what you pay for is most certainly true and barbeques are no exception. Keep in mind a BBQ wont only have the one off purchase prices, all barbeques will have ongoing running costs, including maintenance products and tools, as well as gas bottles or coal. Being kept outside, barbeques also need to be durable-preferably made of stainless steel with cast iron or stainless steel grills and a lid.
There are so many accessories to choose from, not everything is necessary though. Definitely consider a BBQ cover, these will help protect your new a purchase from the elements as most barbeques are stored outside in the elements. Don’t forget the long handled BBQ tools, these are an essential if you want to keep your arm hairs!! (Might be speaking from experience ) Once you have the basics covered, specialty items such as pizza stones are also worth considering.
This is just a basic guide to get you on the right track to purchasing the BBQ that’s right for you. The most important points to remember are to use what and how much you’ll be cooking as a guide, everything else will fall into place from there.
Is it time to replace or upgrade your BBQ? Thinking of buying Dad one for Fathers Day?

Nicole xxx


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  1. We have a huge one (we bought it of a rich friend who wanted a bigger one!) so we got it for a steal!

    1. We did have a really, really big one, which we loved, but more recently had to replace it and went for the biggest size weber and love it. One of the best things we ever bought xx

  2. I need a place to bbq first – but I would love one. We have a great yard but no patio-type places to cook and eat.

    1. Yep, that’s a challenge. Perhaps BBQing in the park will have to do? xx

  3. We desperately need a new one with summer coming- ours has seen better days. Great tips!

    1. We have a relatively new one and honestly use it at least five times a week, mostly to do breakfast though.Love ours xx

  4. You’ve reminded me we need gas for our BBQ! I can’t wait to use our BBQ again. We tend to use it during spring and summer than any other time of year. We will most likely be needling an upgrade one day and we won’t go anywhere but BBQs Galore. X

    1. We use nearly every day, as much for breakfast as for dinner. Did you pick up your gas? xx

  5. We’ve just got a small camping one at the moment, but I know one day we will get a new, bigger one. We need somewhere better to put it though, and our house at the moment isn’t really set up with a great outdoor area.

    1. A camping one will do the trick just the same. Thank you for dropping by xx

  6. I feel like our BBQ is way too big but there is no telling the Mr that :/

  7. We had a fairly new el cheapo from Big W but when we moved into our new house the old owners asked if it would be ok if they left the BBQ…it is a 2m long gas one with sink and all the bits and bobs. Yeah ok if you must leave it…
    I have been loving the hint of BBQ weather already these past few days. ?

    1. Um yes, I guess I could hang onto it!!! It sure has been gorgeous.xx

  8. Awesome, Nicole. Thank you. This is just what I need. I don’t know if you recall Dave’s barbecue in the wheelbarrow. That craziness has got to stop, there’s only so much smoke the neighbours can take. We need a proper bbq – STAT ?

    1. Ha ha ha ha, I do remember the wheelbarrow BBQ, what a cracker! I think there could be a market in those alone ? xx

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  10. Yes im in the market for a bbq, i was wondering about those gas burners that are like quartz coated or something, they look pretty special but are pretty exxy!! Thanks for sharing, good tips, cheers

    1. I wonder if they are easier to clean?

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