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9 Ways To Use Baskets For Storage In Your Home

9 Ways To Use Baskets For Storage In Your Home

After living in a Queenslander for 4 years, I have learnt a lot thinking outside the box for storage ideas including using baskets for storage in your home. There are many ways to use baskets and almost as many baskets to suit those ideas. Here are a few ideas that we use regularly.

9 Ways To Use Baskets For Storage In Your Home

1. To Store Your Bedroom Cushions and Throws

Basket from Kmart

At any one time, we have 6 cushions on our bed which every night need to be removed in order for us to crawl into bed, however I cannot stand the cushions just being thrown onto the floor. Instead we use a basket to store them in, which is almost as easy as throwing them on the floor only tidier. Likewise the throws, who are now stored neatly each night in the basket.

2. Pantry Storage

Baskets From Kmart

We have a range of baskets we use for storage in our pantry which are not only functional, but keep the pantry tidy and zoned. Since making over our pantry and including the clear jars and baskets, we have found not only is it pleasing on the eye, but the kids can actually find what they are looking for. Win, Win! All baskets and jars from Kmart.

3. Toy Storage

This one is a bit of a cheat, but worthy of mentioning, again! Storing toys in baskets keeps the end of day clean up so simple even the kids can do it!

4. Laundry

Laundries are often forgotten about rooms preferring function over beauty, but I don’t know why you can’t have both. Cloth baskets like these from Koch & Co look so pretty and take some of the boredom out of doing the laundry and cleaning.

5. Firewood

Basket from Koch & Co

What better way to keep a reasonable supply of firewood dry and handy, than storing it in a basket next to the fire! Firewood can be so messy, keeping it contained just makes sense. It’s also a great place to store the other necessary fire starting items, and keep them tidy and unseen.

6. Shoes

Basket from Koch & Co

We all have a surplus of shoes at the front door, why not pop them into a basket instead! A quick easy fix to the unsightly mess at the door when visitors arrive.

7. Plants

Basket from Kmart

Baskets make a great alternative to pots. We have several in our home, and even more on the decks. They make a great inexpensive addition to a home.

8. Shelves

Working homes gather mess, it’s part of a normal family life. The trick to keeping a tidy home, is the ability to hide the mess that gathers while keeping it in close reach. Baskets on shelves are a great way to hide paperwork, chargers, bits and pieces all while remaining convenient.

9. Trays

Photo: Hannah Puechmarin Styling: Rachael Honner

Smaller baskets can work well as a tray to create the perfect base for your vignette. You can see above that we have a basket tray on our ottoman in the lounge room. The texture works perfectly as a base for the vignette and also helps to pull several of the elements in the room together.

Basket of all shapes and sizes can be really handy within the home, we honestly have them in just about every room! Hopefully there are some ideas here you can also embrace.

Do you struggle with storage space within your home? Are baskets a feature in your home too?

Nicole xxx

Disclosure, I was gifted some items in this post for my consideration, however all opinions are my own as per my disclosure statement.



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