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9 Ways to Style A Bar Cart – Home Improvement Thursday

9 Ways to Style A Bar Cart – Home Improvement Thursday

Bar carts are on my mind at the moment. As we finalise the styling of the library, we are considering placing a bar cart along one wall. Bart carts come in all different shapes and sizes and can be decorating in many ways to suit your home. Let’s have a look at 9 of my favourite.


9 Ways to Style A Bar Cart


Adore Magazine

I think it is all the green in this bar cart that catches my eye. Fresh and inviting, a great addition to the right room.


Image Source

IT’s the balance in the decorating of this bar cart that works for me. Keeping this cart almost symmetrical, it is so pleasing to the eye.


Honestly WTF

Bar carts do not always need to be carts. While most do have wheels, why not use what you have available to you. This bar table is a simple DIY project for a weekend. Head on over to Honestly YUM for the tutorial.


Matthew Caughy

Wicker bar carts are still plentiful in op shops, this gorgeous piece has been styled to perfection to enhance a dining room by Matthew Caughy.


Tiffany Leighs

24 year old student Tiffany Leighs shared her bar cart on The Evergirl. Simply and delicate, so pretty.


Layer Home

Loving this vintage cart put together by Layer Home. By not going overboard with what is on the cart, you allow the gorgeous piece of furniture to speak for itself.


West Elm

The repetition on this cart simplifies the design while creating an impressive statement in the room.


Park and Oak

This room has so much to get excited about. The strength of colour on the wall, the gallery wall sitting on it. The colour in the rug picking up the colour in the chair and above all the bar cart is amazing! I would be most happy here, curled up with a red wine and a book perfection.


Rue Daily

Short on space? Why not have a bar tray? An effective substitute for the smaller home.

While these are 9 of my favourite, there are plenty more to be found over on Pinterest to get your styling creativity flowing. I’d love you to share yours on Facebook today!


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Some fantastic link ups last week, like the Builderette who shared her Fathers award winning home in The House That Muffins Built.


Ashlea from Glamour House Living share The Job of a Stylist and gave us a really pretty insight into what a stylist actually does.


My final share this week, is Erin and her family from Seven Little Australians and Counting, who has with her family, nearly completed their Library!


Linking up with Savvy Southern Style and Curly Crafty Mum

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  1. Love the idea of bar carts but really, we are simple folk who only drink beer (him) and wine or champagne (me) so not much use for one. All those pretty things would gather dust. Maybe when I am retired and we are drinking afternoon cocktails? Gorgeous pix!!!

    1. Looking forward to sipping cocktails when I am retired, but alas that is a LONG way away yet ?

  2. All your cart pics have just reminded me that my friend offered me her ‘traymobile’ but was going to paint it first, I must remind her ? I’m afraid ours will be used for dishes back and forth between the table and dishwasher.
    I do think that leather lounge seat looks inviting next to the drinks cart though.

    1. I can really imagine curling up there with a wine in hand ?

  3. […] *Sharing over at The Builder’s Wife with this week’s Home Improvement Thursday. […]

  4. How gorgeous! I couldn’t possibly choose just one, can I have them all? I can’t wait to see your bar cart in situ in that beautiful library of yours! x

    1. ha, ha, yes you can have them all, just not sure where to put them all?? xx

  5. I could never convey how much I would love a bar cart! I was recently at my uncles new home (also insane jealously there, inner city art deco apartment with city views? he’s killing me!) with kiddo, and two of my younger brothers. All three kids pounced on his jarred peanuts and asked for the cool looking juice… really hit home how long I have until my bar cart dreams. For now, it’s all staying in the liquor cabinet.

    1. Your Uncle’s home sounds amazing!! xx

  6. I have thought about getting one and even saw an antique one at Mount Tamborine. I love the tray idea. The only thing is we hardly ever drink. It would be purely for decorative purposes only.

    1. #dustcollector :)xx

  7. I love these…
    bar carts are on my list for next summer. Love the black bamboo one with green styling, would be perfect for our Mojito afternoons. x
    Thanks for sharing lovely.

    1. Going to pop by and enjoy a Mojito or two with you, one of these days xx

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