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9 Easy To Grow Herbs

9 Easy To Grow Herbs

Spring is warming up here in Brisbane and it always has me wanting to spend more time in the garden. I love to get my hands dirty and encourage my kids to do the same. We have big garden beds down the back yard that we plant out each season, but for herbs, we like to use pots on the back deck. I have 9 easy to grow herbs that I plant year after year for cooking with.

Easy Herbs To Grow In Your Back Yard

Growing Tips

Herbs love the sun, most prefer full sun or only part shade. When considering where to locate your herb garden or place your herb pots, spend a day or two watching where the sun travels in your yard. they’ll need at least 6 hours of sunshine a day.

When planting, use a good quality potting mix or soil, that has been blended for vegetable gardens. Plant early morning or late afternoon, and water well. Don’t forget to mulch, just like you would a vegetable garden especially if you are planting in pots. This will prevent the soil from drying out too quickly in the warmer months.

Herbs are hungry plants, be sure to fertilise with a good quality fertiliser as often as is recommended on the pack. We use Seasol every 2 weeks and our herbs really thrive.

The following is a list of the 9 best herbs that we’ve found not only easy to grow but really useful in our kitchen.

My 9 Favourite (and Easy) To Grow Herbs


We use mint in drinks and salads. Rice paper rolls taste really fresh with the addition of mint. We also use it in our family potato salad, or a watermelon, mint and fetta salad. Yum!


Brushetta bread is a firm favourite in our house, especially when entertaining. Basil brings out the flavour of tomatoes and works well with most Italian meals.


Crunchy roast potatoes with rosemary scattered over them is hard to replace. We never cook a roast lamb without rosemary sprigs pushed into the skin, it adds so much flavour!


I don’t use chives much in my cooking, but our kids love to add them to their omelettes or scrambled eggs, so we always have them on hand.


We prefer the Italian style parsley as the flavour is a little more mellow and we use it in everything! From breakfast all the way through the day.


It’s a polarising herb coriander, you either love it or hate it. Fortunately, we all love it here and use it in many fresh salads. Our kids especially love Laksa, coriander is the perfect addition.


Thyme likes to grow in a pot on it’s own. It will drip over the side of the pot and makes a feature in your herb garden. We love thyme with Chicken!


My all-time favourite herb. My preference is to use dill in creamy sauces or mixed with mayonnaise for a fresh update.


Oregano is the bomb on pizza and as every Saturday night is pizza night here, we use a lot!!

Growing herbs is easy and satisfying. Why not put together a herb garden this weekend.

Are you the cook in your family? Do you use herbs?







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