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75% Of Aussies Won’t Hire Female Tradies and Other Nonsense

75% Of Aussies Won’t Hire Female Tradies and Other Nonsense

It was widely reported last week, that 75% of Australians won’t hire female tradies. Much fuss was made of this piece and it was shared over and over again. At first, I ignored this “news” report preferring not to give this rubbish any more air time than it deserved. Now I have decided to give voice to my opinion and it’s probably not what you think.


I’m no journalist, but I could be called a sceptic, and I deeply question the timing of this article. This is one of those click bait stories, that get us all hot under the collar just before international women’s day. I believe it is written just to stir us all up. It’s an emotive issue any day of the week, especially just prior to such an important day for women’s rights. I further find it interesting, that in just about every mention of the story, the original source is cited, that’s a lot of advertising.


I also question the control group in which this survey was conducted. Now if I were to perform my own survey of my readers for example, I would anticipate that 99% would be happy to hire a female tradie. What isn’t revealed is the exact source of the control group to which this question was asked, how and why were they targeted?

My thinking then has me pondering why this question was asked at all? Was it simply the idea of someone sitting at a desk to try and create a viral piece in which the source of the survey is mentioned many, many times? Is the purpose of this original article just to advertise the company behind it?

So why I am now commenting on this issue? I would like to encouraging us all to think for ourselves, to take the time to wonder why a piece was written, to do your own research and think again before perpetuating this nonsense. I certainly believe there are very strong biases in the construction industry, but articles like this one, do nothing to help that, in fact they only further concrete fear, which is unnecessary.

Photo by Jarrad Seng
Photo by Jarrad Seng

How Can You Help?

Helping to create a positive reflection of women in trades is simple, talk about it in a positive light, like The Plumbette does in this article. Furthermore, I think it’s time we stopped talking solely about women in trades, and start talking about people in trades, only then will it become a more readily accepted part of our society. Talk with your children about men and women in all roles of life, without calling out one or another, for examples let’s stop labelling women in construction, or male nurses, or male admin assistants or childcare workers. Let’s just call the role for what it is, without the label attached to it.

I fully support women in construction, but don’t feel I talk about them only, and I feel it’s fair and just to have a true reflection for what the industry is. The same can be said in all professions.

A pretty deep post from me today, with a slightly different opinion on the matter.

How do you feel about tradies? Are you a tradie with an opinion you’d like to share on this issue?

Nicole xxx


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  1. I’d be happy to hire a female tradie! I think female tradies work harder to prove themselves in what’s been a traditionally male profession. But I agree its time to stop referring to gender and just look at the best person for the job.

    1. Great point Ingrid, females often do work much harder to prove themselves in the construction industry, while it’s a shame they feel this has to be done, it certainly proves a great work ethic.

  2. I agree about the gender reference, honestly, as long as the job gets done well, who cares what bits they have between their legs!

    1. YES!! Love this xx

  3. If the person is good at their job and loves what they do – gender does not come into the equation, at all. I would hire the best person for the job & the person most suited to the needs of the job. That has nothing to do with the person being a bloke or a girl or a machine. I work in the construction industry and will shout down anyone who openly says otherwise ?

    1. Absolutely Josefa, best person for the job should come first, every time. ?

  4. People in the trades! Great perspective. But we are, generally, in society, slow to accept change aren’t we? I know this is true but I hope the article was less true in the facts department. I have become very sceptical of any media in recent months. I am blaming the term: Fake News.

    1. Yes Denyse! Fake news is everywhere, it’s time we stopped reacting through blind faith and started researching and checking facts. It’s very rare something is as it seems xx

  5. Oops. Forget to say.. Denyse #teamIBOT ?

  6. I *always* have a problem with statistics because people trust them “because it’s numbers” and yet it’s so easy to make them say what you want! The qualitative researcher in me gets annoyed at statistics being trusted ?
    I had to write an essay on this last year as part of my postgrad studies and reading journal articles by smart people who just dismiss qualitative data just because it’s qualitative…grrr. I could rant all day on it.

    1. Yes Vanessa, you have got me right on your side. It’s all about spin. I asked my ‘control’ group about this yesterday and they were all affirmative for hiring a female tradie. That’s 100% of Aussies who would hire a female tradie! A great lesson for us all to question and research instead of blindly trusting and allowing ourselves to get all hot and bothered.

  7. I wonder why when being a tradie became gender specific. It’s so funny, when people hire a tradie, it’s because they need a job done, who cares whether they’re male or female! I think we should be worrying less about the gender of our tradie and be more concerned with their skill set and their ability to get the job done. As Ingrid says, it’s all about getting the best person for the job.

    1. Yes, yes, YES! You’re are spot on Sammie xx

  8. I would be happy to hire a female tradie although I haven’t yet come across one when needing a tradie for a job I would be all for it. Gender is irrelevant it’s whether they have the skill and knowledge to do the work and if they’re within budget.

    1. They most definitely are hard to find. You are so right, skill, knowledge and price are far more important than gender!

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