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7 Ways to Procrastinate-The Builder’s Wife’s Top Tips

7 Ways to Procrastinate-The Builder’s Wife’s Top Tips

The least favourite part of my job, is the paperwork. Data entry is long winded and boring. I find it really difficult to find the energy to get into the space of paperwork. So much so, I have become a master procrastinator. Thinking about how many ways I manage to distract myself each week, I wondered how many other people would benefit from a list of ways to procrastinate. ?


The Builder’s Wife’s Top 7 Ways to Procrastinate.

  1. Facebook; the original social media and still my most active account. I love it, I can get lost in all sorts of stories and travel the world with them. Word of warning, don’t like to many things on Facebook when you should be working, as The Builder can see what you’ve been up to, when you were supposed to be doing said paperwork.
  2. Instagram; a great procrastination tool for all kinds of situations especially when you’re on the run, or hiding from the children. Such a positive space filled with pretty images to keep you occupied.
  3. Pinterest; If you have a few hours you should be spending doing paperwork, Pinterest is your go to social media. I don’t suggest this for short term procrastination, as you can easily loose a few hours before you even realise what’s happened. Not for the feint hearted, this procrastination form is for supreme procrastinators.
  4. Etsy; This is my go to place for online crafty shopping, this website should come with a warning about just how much money there is likely to be spent. I have to work hard to find a creative way to hide Etsy procrastination days from The Builder, though the credit card statement often tells the truth.
  5. Coffee with the neighbour; This is my biggest secret, my go to if I’ve spent too much time procrastinating as The Builder is well aware that coffee with the neighbour could take all morning or afternoon. Be careful not to use this procrastination style too often, as it can raise questions about moving the office out of the house.
  6. Spring Cleaning; I only use this method rarely. Let’s face it, it’s not the most pleasant way to procrastinate, but when all other options are maxed out, this works a treat.
  7. Mowing the lawn; similar to spring cleaning, only this one wins points of admiration from The Builder. When I’ve spent too much time on 1 through to 6, this procrastination style will win me back some brownie points.

That’s my top 7 tips on how to procrastinate. Now to delete this post before The Builder sees all my deep dark and very informative secrets.

Are you a regular procrastinator? Do you have any tips for me? Am I missing out on the newest or latest procrastination method? How do you procrastinate?

Nicole xxx

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  1. I am guilty of most of these too. With a phone that can do everything, it is so easy to simply flick through each and keep looking for new ideas( that’s what I tell myself). #IBOT team

    1. Me too!! It’s all research isn’t it?

  2. I have it down to an ART FORM. I will distract myself away from certain jobs forever – usually with other jobs, but STILL, hopeless! x

    1. It started for me with the kids when they were babies, watching them sleep. xx

  3. Ha, ha – I had a laugh at the mowing the lawn one. Productive procrastination surely has to be allowed. I do lose myself in reading blog posts too – my only solution is to close all computer tabs, put the earphones in and a playlist on and just attack that paperwork.

    1. That’s what usually happens, turn off the phone, shut down my laptop and turn on the work computer, it’s the only way i get anything done ?

  4. I am the master of procrastination! Facebook & Instagram are the main culprits but also editing photographs – love going into the editing zone. I must learn better focus!! ? xo

    1. Editing would be a fun way to spend a few hours! xx

  5. I always try and win brownie points with my lawn mowing skills! Yes I do all of the above, although IG is my favourite ? Good luck tomorrow too btw x

    1. Thank you lovely, and yes the lawn mowing is a great one to have up my sleeve. xx

  6. Facebook, definitely Facebook!

    1. It’s a killer!

  7. LOL I have nailed the art of Facebook procrastination because I can tell myself that it is a terribly important part of my role as a mummy blogger.

    1. It is most important, extremely actually, how else would we know whats going on in the world ?

  8. I could get a gold medal in Procrastination. I am so good at it. Facebook, baking and cleaning are a trifecta of perfect procrastination!

    1. I think I should make an award! We could have an awards night, now there’s something to procrastinate over ?

  9. I’m pretty good at Procrastination. My current favourite is looking at new carriers/wraps for wearing my baby. I can do that all day long. Although, it can end up an expensive way to procrastinate…

    1. What a lovely thing to procrastinate about, how exciting! xx

  10. I’m procrastinating now reading this blog. ? xx

    1. I’m just about to head over to yours and do the same xx

  11. Lol!!! Quick, don’t let the builder see. I haven’t been doing much procrastinating lately, but right now I do feel like watching a bit of Netflix rather than doing my blogging ?

    1. he he he, he may have just delivered my coffee and had a little giggle xx

  12. LOL when hubster sees me doing housework he always asks me what I’m procrastinating from! ?

    1. Ha ha! love that Janet! xx

  13. I don’t like paperwork (which is ironic seeing as that’s what I deal with at work all week) but procrastinating is about the only time I clean…the rest of the time it’s my husband’s job to do that!

    1. I like the way your marriage works ?

  14. Can’t say I’ve ever done #7 but I’ve perfected 1-6.

    1. I don’t do it very often, generally save it for when really needed ?

  15. Oh Pinterest! Definitely my favorite way to procrastinate. Instagram is a close second.

    1. Both such happy places to be ?

  16. Hours disappear when I open Pinterest. I love it at the time then I hit the panic button when I come out of the “pin it” fog.

    1. Oh the fog! It’s not my friend ?

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