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7 Tips For Decorating Your Uni Room Without Breaking The Bank

7 Tips For Decorating Your Uni Room Without Breaking The Bank

Now that school is back, uni wont be far away! If you are staying on campus, you’ll be keen to give you room a bit of a tart up! They can be so bland and unfriendly. We are sharing a few tips on how you can inject a little personality into your new room, without breaking the rules!!

7 Tips For Decorating Your Uni Room Without Breaking The Bank

My number one tip for uni rooms, is Command Hooks! They come in all shapes and sizes and will not mark you walls when you take them away.

1. Fairy Lights & Lamps

Tatertots & Jello

The lighting in uni rooms are so often stark or fluorescent, neither of which create a warm and inviting space. You can change this up by using lamps or fairy lights instead of the usual lighting. Lamps can give off enough light for you to work by and create an ambient feeling, while fairy lights are a pretty way to add a feature to your room.

2. Removable Wall Decals or Wallpaper

Lovely Wall Co.

Removable wallpaper is now available in so many gorgeous prints. You could use removable wallpaper to create a feature wall in you uni bedroom, alternatively you could try adding some removable wall decals. I am a big fan of spots but you can get just about anything you can think of in a wall decal. A quick search on Etsy will have you pointed in the right direction. Again you could create a feature wall, our use them throughout the whole room.

3. Gallery Wall


Another great wall decoration is a gallery wall. Fill your wall with photos of your family and friends to help your room feel a little more like home. You can use all the same frames or gather together an eclectic mix of different styles and shapes. Use some paper shapes to plan your wall before you fix your frames with command hooks. Simply pop the paper “frames” on the wall with Blue Tack and move until you find the right fit for your frames.

4. Bedding

Pillow Talk

You’ll be required to provide your own bedding and what a great opportunity that is to inject some personality into your room! Bedding doesn’t need to be expensive, watch for sales at places like Pillow Talk or Bed Bath ‘N Table for great quality linen without a huge price tag. Consider investing in a reversible quilt cover so that you can mix things up a bit during the year. Alternatively, buy a neutral cover and mix it up with cushions and throws.

5. Cushions

Cushions are a great way to add colour into your room. Vary the sizes and the textures to give added visual appeal. Cushions can also been used as added seating for when friends drop by. They do not need to be expensive, these cushions were all from Kmart and cost no more than $12 each, some were even less than that!

6. Rugs


The floors in uni rooms tend to be spill friendly, which really means cold and stark, but they don’t have to be!! Pop a rug on the floor for instant warmth in your room. Again we’ve found some fantastic rugs at Kmart over the years that would be perfect for you new bedroom. I especially love a round rug and there are heaps to be found at Kmart in all sorts of colours and textures. This one is only $39!!

7. Plants

Luisa Brimble

Nothing brings life to a room like living plants. If you have a brown thumb even faux ones will add the touch your after. There are some real hardy examples of indoor plants like Peace Lilies. Ask your closest nursery for advice on what might work best in your new uni room.

Heading off to uni is super exciting especially when your new room feels like home.

Are you about to start uni? Helping your kids decorate their uni room?

Nicole xxx



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