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7 Tips for a Retro Bedroom Makeover

7 Tips for a Retro Bedroom Makeover

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Retro bedrooms are not only fun to create, but they can have a fabulously cosy feel. While not what we are creating in our home, this style is very popular at the moment. If you’re looking to step back in time in the bedroom, here are seven tips to help you do it in style.
Feature Pieces
Going retro is not necessarily about recreating a museum exhibition from the 70’s, but about finding feature pieces to give your room that vintage feel. The easiest way to achieve this is through acquiring a great accent piece and mixing this with other retro highlights.
There are plenty of retro inspired pieces available from furniture stores in all capital cities such as Super Amart. Whether you chose a vintage style chair, a bedside table or bed, you can then add a few authentic pieces to suit.
Op-shopping is a great way to say money and find authentic pieces. Check out your local opportunity shops, second hand shops or antique shops for items that may add a vintage feel. Give them a new lease of life by recovering chair cushions, sanding and oiling woodwork, painting furniture or adding a new lampshade to a retro lamp. Put this together with your retro inspired bed and you’re almost there.
Creating any style is about the accents you add to the room. Find a retro style alarm clock or lamp, mix it up with a vintage throw or rug, or pop on some retro inspired bed covers to really complete your makeover.
Soft Furnishings
Cushions, curtains, bed throws and rugs can really tie a room together. Pick your retro period and find items and designs to suit. Remember they don’t need to be authentic pieces, retro inspired new pieces will work just as well.
Pull It All Together
A single colour scheme or style will pull the room together, so seek out similar colour or patterns in the items you collect and think retro when you’re looking at colour schemes. Creams, burnt orange, avocado greens and teal blues, so tie your room together with accents of one or two of these colours.

Keep Your Eye Out
The joy of a striking room is in the detail. Check out Nanna’s garage, the local flea markets of garage sales for that one hero piece. This piece may be the inspiration for the whole room, set your colour palate or add the finishing touch.
Don’t Go Overboard
Above all, keep it simple. You are looking for a few pieces not a mishmash of styles and eras. If you can find a couple of items from the same vintage and colour scheme, that should be more than enough to create the right feel.
Retro is really popular at the moment and its beauty is the simplicity of the design. So remember to find one or two key pieces that you really love and sculpt your room around it with soft furnishings and colour.
Are you a fan of the retro rage? Have you made over a room lately?

Nicole xxx

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  1. I lived through the 70’s, and while I couldn’t image decorating my house in that fashion, I do like your suggestion of picking a feature piece to give that vintage theme. You’ve got some great suggestions. I’m all about keeping it simple. Thanks for stopping by my blog Nicole. x

    1. It was my pleasure Di, thank you for returning the visit xx

  2. I am a huge fan of mid-century and 70’s vintage furniture so I’m always on the lookout at opshops for my next big score! I recently bought a cool med-century armchair for $10. I had nowhere to really put it, but for that price I couldn’t walk away (I did squeeze it in somewhere, incidentally)

    1. Glad to hear you found somewhere to put such a great buy! xx

  3. I love the retro look. It can be fun. As you said, you don’t need much to achieve it either. Just a few pieces here and there ?

    1. I’m a fan also, I think it’s a great style for kids as well xx

  4. I’ve been scarred by the memories of burnt orange and brown, we had a hideous pattern of it in our family home, and so you can imagine I am not a fan of the retro colour schemes!

    1. Ha ha, my Nan had a green kitchen when I was growing up, not my favourite colour scheme either xx

  5. I’m with Di – I did the 70’s first time around, that 70’s stuff can stay back in the decade where it belongs! Great for other people – and some people style it very well – but not for me ðŸ?‰

  6. I have great affection for a velour or velvet striped cream and brown Moran lounge suite my parents had. It was recovered at some point but I love stumbling across old photos of us in it as young kids. I’d love to find my retro pop with some velvet pink fabrics for an accent piece in the kids room. I haven’t been into the huge super amart that’s opened up on the Nepean highway near me but I’ll have a look now.

    1. We had one too! I loved that lounge. xxx

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