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7 Tips For Decorating On A Budget

7 Tips For Decorating On A Budget

Purchasing or building a home is an expensive exercise, once you’ve moved in chances are you’d love to decorate your new abode with stunning new furniture and accessories, but the budget just wont stretch that far. I have experienced this will all of my moves and not being a patient person, I’ve had to learn a few tricks to help with decorating on a budget.

7 Tips For Decorating On A Budget

Make The Most Of What You Have

Tired old bathroom cabinets, can be given a new lease of life with new doors or bench tops. Changing your taps to a new modern style is a low cost way to spruce up a room. A little bit fresh paint can do wonders for a room, while painting old windows is a great way to bring them into the now. Creative thinking about what you can and cannot do within your existing space, can not only save you money, but create the home on your dreams with only a little hard work, and think about the potential value you are adding!


Seriously for the budget conscious, Ebay and Gumtree are your best friends. It is amazing the bargains that can be found. In some cases furniture will be perfect as it is, in others a little upcycling project on the weekend will give you the luxe look for less! Many of our pieces came from Ebay and Gumtree, and I found I really enjoyed the process of upcycling furniture. Alternatively, go with the age of your home and find period pieces at the right price to perfectly suit the style and age of your home.

Throw Rugs

Now this might sounds like a weird suggestion, but throw rugs can be purchased a an inexpensive price and will create a more expensive look. They can also be used to add a little personality to your home, especially if using a throw rug with colour.


There is no end of Ikea and Kmart hacks all over the web at the moment. A little creativity and your cheap piece can be a shining star. These ideas have been brought to life by people like us who struggle to find the right pieces at the right price, and we don’t all want it to look the same. Simply goolge Kmart of Ikea hacks and you’ll find hours of inspiration.


Cushions are another cheat tip for creating the luxe home look and feel for less. Ikea have a great range of cushion covers are he best price, mix in one or two more expensive ones and no one will have a clue they are not all top of the market. This is a tip I use all the time. The cushions on my lounge are all Ikea except for the lounge cushions themselves. In this case, I chose colours that were reflected in the floral fabric of our lounge and it blended seamlessly.

Flowers & Plants

Flowers and plants are fantastic decorating tools. As I have spoken about many times, you do not need to purchase fresh flowers all the time, foliage raided from your yard can work just as well. There is something about the richness of the green from an indoor plant that provides that luxurious feel. I love indoor plants, and these do not need to be purchased either, ask your family members for cuttings or plants as house warming gifts. Low cost but effective decorating that is good for your mind as well.

Art Work

Traditional artwork can be the most expensive piece in the room, but with a little creative thinking, the walls of your home can be covered in gorgeous art work without breaking the bank. Etsy and Pinterest are fantastic sources of low cost or free printables that you can print at home, pop into an Ikea frame and your done. If you are crafty, why not paint a few pictures yourself? Again this need not cost much, $2 shops often have canvases and paints for sale, and when done well, wont need to be framed. In our home, I have created art work, with plates and with material, all easy and low cost.

Decorating on a budget is a welcome challenge when moving into your new home, I hope you enjoy the thrill of finding the right piece at the right price as much as I do.

Have you bought from Gumtree or Ebay? Found any great buys?

Nicole xxx






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  1. KMart and IKEA hacks are so amazing! Bargain priced but so effective!


  2. Such great tips. I still can’t believe those lounge cushions come from Ikea – they look so exxy! I’ll be referring to these tips if and when we do our reno, because when we do the kitchen and floor our styling budget is going to be very small!

  3. Ikea and Kmart hacks are such big deals now! It’s a little weird haha. And…uh… if anyone wants to upcycle a piano for free, I’m STILL desperately trying to get mine out of my carport haha. I did have daydreams of turning it into a bar but a) I rarely drink and b) I still have no place to put it even if it is a bar!

  4. Fantastic tips, Nicole! I really enjoy all your posts, they inspire me to love my home a little more.

    The best thing I’ve got off Gumtree was a beautiful timber hutch from the 1960s, which was a giveaway and I painted white. It’s gorgeous.

  5. Great advice! I really need to jazz things up a bit around here. I think cushions and plants would be a good start!

  6. We really need to get on to replacing the tap & vanity cupboards in our bathroom. We have a three way and the shower area and toilet area were renovated in 2014 but we didn’t do anything to the vanity area as we figured it was something we could do ourselves down the track. Almost 4 years later and it’s exactly the same! I’m going to use your post as inspiration to get it done!

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