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7 Things The Builder Does That Drive Me Crazy

Following on from last weeks post 10 traits you need to be a builder’s wife, I wanted to show that not everything is lovely in the world of working together, we drive each other crazy often. To my advantage the builder does not have a blog, so you’ll never hear about the 7 things the builder’s wife does that drive the builder crazy ?


7 Things The Builder Does That Drive Me Crazy ?

  1. He forgets to tell me when reps are coming to visit me at our home office. We have reps drop in on us semi regularly, they are very good at always making an appointment, however the builder will nearly always forget to let me know when this is going to happen, and you can bet your bottom dollar it always happens when I’m still in my gym gear or packing away the groceries, always!
  2. He works such long hours, I don’t get to see him much during the week. Now I shouldn’t complain about this one, I am lucky to have a husband that loves his family enough to work his but off for us, but I really like my builder and I’d be very happy to spend more time with him.
  3. He wears his muddy boots up to the front door, this means all the front of our beautiful Pen Y Llechwedd is covered in muddy yucky footprints. Grrr
  4. It often slips his mind to let me know he’s made an appointment for a potential client to come and view our home. You see, we open our home by appointment for potential clients to inspect what kind of things are possible with the renovation of a home. It’s a great feature of our business, but only when the house is presentable, which as Murphy’s law would suggest, is never when said clients show up with out prior warning.
  5. Paperwork is not his priority. We have a system in which the paperwork first must past by the builder, he does his thing with it and then it’s my turn to pop it into MYOB and another software we have, however I can’t do anything until the builder is done. Being super organised as I am, means that this drives me crazy, I feel as though I am behind all the time, even though I rarely am.
  6. He’s so damn accident prone! Because he works such long hours, he is often tired and therefore his concentration level by the end of the day can waiver substantially. I have this thing where when he is injured I can feel his pain, it makes me sick to the stomach and while he might be coping with the pain just fine, I’m sick as a dog until I can talk myself around.
  7. He forgets to eat his lunch. The builder gets so busy at work, he simply forgets to eat his lunch. All that love and effort that has gone into making him a beautiful lunch gets forgotten and left to wilt in his esky.

There are so many benefits to us working together that this list is really not that important, but it does provide the reality to our busy lives.

What things drive you crazy about your co-workers? Got an accident prone partner?

Nicole xxx

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  1. I recognize similar traits in my dad when we grew up and I can imagine what went through my mums mind. The washing can be extreme too. They sweat and get themselves quite dirty which definitely increases the washing demands during the week. Loved this post!

    1. Oh yes the sweat….yucky! I feel like I never stop washing ?

  2. I have mostly excellent co-workers. We are all really in tune with each other, being shift workers, and accommodate each other’s quirks (this one is a morning person, don’t talk to that one before 9 am unless you are offering coffee etc.)

    1. That’s brilliant Amy, makes life just that bit easier ?

  3. I’m not sure I should post the 7 things The Doc does that drive me crazy! I’ll tell you though, nothing makes me more cranky than packing him lunch (a rarity, but it did sometimes happen) and him forgetting he has it. There’s a particularly coy look he dons when I ask him if he enjoyed his lunch only to say ‘whoops’. Whoops! I’ll give you whoops!

    1. That’s so funny Angie, would you struggle to stop at 7? ? Like a puppy with his tail between his legs?

  4. I do my husbands paperwork for him and he is hopeless at it – drives me crazy!

    1. YES Malinda YES!!!

  5. OMG…that just gave me a bit of a giggle. Naughty Adam!

    1. He is so very naughty ?

  6. I generally really like my colleagues. We don’t catch up outside of work but we do work closely and well together.

    1. It’s great to work in an environment where you are all about enjoy working together. ?

  7. LOL. Feel better now??

    1. So much better, well until he replies next week anyway ?

  8. Haha – so funny! Nothing too major there which is good! I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again – there is not way I could work with my hubby but I think it is great that others can do it! ?

    1. Oh we have our moments ? But mostly it’s a joy for us. xx

  9. Mmm no 6 would be a big worry! and yep no 7 would annoy me too, well annoy isn’t the word is it, it’s secretly not feeling appreciated by those you love, not accepting your love offerings.

    Yep it’s a catch 22 with our loved ones, they’re working hard for us and yet we want time with them.

    1. You are very right Erin, I am sure he never thinks of it that way, but that is true. I do worry about him when he’s doing a few big days, he gets so tired. Accidents happy so easily when were are tired. xx

  10. Totally understand Totally empathise This was my life for 20 years I would take charge at Christmas though they were precious times I would book a holday one year in advance and on Boxing day we were off Our time together for 2 weeks was precious. The builders and architrcts and project managers could have him for 50 weeks but those two were mine. ?

    1. Good plan Janice, we go away as a family in January and it’s much the same, we close our sites for the week just to be sure we actually get a break. I do love that the industry mostly shuts down over Christmas. xx

  11. Oh, this is lovely! And I have to agree with you on number 2. Sigh. Those bloody long hours are a killer – but done for the right reasons. Loved this post too.

    1. Thank you Hugzy! xx

  12. Hmmm. Let’s see. I had a frustrating incident recently when he decided to saw some wood out in the backyard after I’ve just vacuumed and mopped the floorboards. He didn’t bother to close windows or doors, he just let rip and there was sawdust everywhere! ?

    1. The Builder does that all the time! Does my head in!!!

  13. I love these posts! I spose having an IT guru for a husband is quite handy because his laptop doesn’t take up much room or much mess. Now I work at home on my lonesome, I think I am the annoying one, I leave a trail of destruction wherever I go. Then just before hubster comes home, I run around frantically trying to tidy everything up so as not to spoil my self-conjured illusion of being a domestic goddess! Bahaha!

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