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7 Amazing Christmas Wreaths-Inspired Space

7 Amazing Christmas Wreaths-Inspired Space

In the spirit of all things Christmas and after sharing my own Christmas wreath last week, today I am sharing another 7 wreaths I have found and love. Wreaths come in all shapes and sizes and many are really easy to make yourself, why not consider one as a DIY Christmas project with the kids?


7 Amazing Christmas Wreaths


I love stars at Christmas, this little wreath is available on Etsy to purchase.


Babies breath is such a delicate flower that dries really well. This wreath would last well through out hot summer Christmas.


Do you get to have a white Christmas? This wreath looks like it would be right at home in the cooler climates. I love the little pine cones.


Do you have a surplus of fresh summer foliage, why not make a foliage wreath.


Pine cones are in abundance at this time of year, a little gold spray paint and this would make a fabulous addition to the front door.


There are many tutorials for colourful bauble wreaths online. You could colour co-ordinate them with your Christmas theme.


Santa fan in the house? This cute Santa inspired wreath will win some hearts.

Wreaths are a beautiful way of starting your Christmas decorating at the front door. Set the scene for your guests as they arrive, colour match to your theme inside, or have a fresh wreath to provide a gorgeous fragrance. I have one little tip to share that I found when researching for this post, which I found over on Our Semi Organic Life.


If you are like us and don’t want to put a nail in your door, hang a 3M commando hook upside down at the top of the inside of the door and then feed the ribbon on the wreath through the little gap at the top of the door.

Are you a Christmas fan or a bit of a Grinch? Do you hang a wreath on your door?

Nicole xxx

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  1. I actually don’t own a wreath. I really want a succulent one but they cost quite a bit. Probably wouldn’t cost as much if I made it myself. What a great tip using the 3M commando hook.

    1. I thought that tip was awesome too! This year might be the year to make one Bec? xx

  2. I think it should be a rule that we have wreaths all year round. Why save such prettiness just for Christmas??? Am inspired to use my leftover baubles to create a wreath now – I’ve been putting it off.

    1. I love the way you think Alix!

  3. I love the idea of the commando hook, that’s just genius and how cute is that Santa wreath?! Living in an apartment, I feel a bit lame having one on my front door but these all look soooo tempting! Maybe next year….

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