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6 Home Improvements That Are Worth Your Investment

6 Home Improvements That Are Worth Your Investment

 This post was written in collaboration with All Weather Blinds.

Building a new home is the kind of adventure that most people dream about. It is an opportunity to carve out a little corner of the world, just for you and your family. You can imprint your unique personality on it and have a hand in designing pretty much every single feature.

So, if you’re lucky enough to be in the midst of creating a brand new home, you’re bound to feel excited. There will be times, however, when the scale of the project becomes a little intimidating. With so many decisions to make, how do you know that you’re moving in the right direction? How can you be sure that the investments you’re making are adding value? This guide to some of the most valuable home improvements and renovations will give you some inspiration.

All Weather Blinds

Sometimes, it makes sense to start outside and work your way in. With high quality all weather blinds, you can create a sheltered outdoor space that is entirely protected from the elements. It costs a tiny fraction of the price of a gazebo, but it functions in a similar way. You can use your new space for outdoor dining, studying, reading, relaxing, entertaining, and more. It will add value to the property because it is essentially extending the floor space.

A Kitchen Island


Via Melinda Hartwright Interiors

If you’re the type of cook who likes their kitchen to feel communal, an island design could be a great investment. They not only increase the functionality of the space, by adding extra bench tops and cabinets, they also make a kitchen feel less formal. The island is a place where family members and friends can hang out and chat while you cook up a storm. A kitchen island is a valuable investment for a spacious, warm family home.

Plenty of Closets

One simple and affordable investment that people often overlook is closet space. When viewing properties, most buyers are swayed by small practical details like this. They are the features that will make life easier. It doesn’t cost much to design a bedroom with lots of closets (perhaps a walk in wardrobe), but it will make your home more valuable. Try to opt for sleek and modern designs that offer plenty of storage space, without taking up lots of room.

Energy Efficient Appliances

Nowadays, it most definitely is worth investing in energy efficient appliances. If you ever sell your home in the future, you’ll be at a disadvantage if you haven’t embraced green technologies. In the meantime, they’ll save you a lot of money on your utility bills. Energy efficient washing machines, dishwashers, tankless water heaters and low energy air conditioning systems are all valuable upgrades.

Expansive Skylights

home improvements

Via Classic Casual Home

Natural light is wholly underestimated as a decorating tool. Beautiful, expansive skylights can really open up a home and change its mood and tone. They add light to awkward spaces and transform attics and rooms with no conventional windows. You can even direct natural light into a windowless room on the ground floor now, by using a special solar tube light. Don’t forget to embrace the sun during the day; throw open your curtains and invite it in.

Comfortable Flooring

Flooring is hugely important when it comes to creating the right look and feel in a home. It should be both comfortable and durable. Hardwood is a popular choice and it represents a great investment because it is durable. It also creates a rich, sophisticated aesthetic. Wood is associated with premium décor, high-class features, and traditional designs. It is considered to be very classically beautiful.

Why It’s Important to Make the Right Investments

While you’re probably not thinking about selling your home right now, the reality is that you might want to pass it on to somebody else one day. If you build it in the right way, with the right features and assets, it will remain valuable throughout the years and become the best investment that you ever make. So, build it with passion and personality, but also with practicality and longevity in mind.

What improvements have you made to your home? Are you a fan of skylights? Would you sell your home?

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  1. Such good points. Living in an apartment, good storage is essential and that was a major factor when it came to buying our home. Comfortable flooring is top of my renovation hit list and as for that kitchen island, that’s the stuff my real estate dreams are made of!

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