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5 Ways To Use Your Pool House In Winter

5 Ways To Use Your Pool House In Winter

So much has been going on around here, we have been sidetracked on our pool project. Now the cooler weather has hit, we are wondering if we actually need to have a pool, afterall the kids are all teenagers with the youngest already 13. However there in lies the whole reason we would like to have a pool, the teenagers. We would love to create several zones within our home where our teens will be happy to entertain their friends. This thought, has lead me to finding some creative ways in which to use the pool house (that we hope to build when we put the pool in) over the Winter months.

5 Ways To Use Your Pool House In Winter

Kids Zone

Shelly Metcalf

I love the idea of our pool house being a zone for the teenagers, somewhere for them to hang out with their friends. We will create this space by ensuring we have a tv and a games system in the space. We are now planing to have bi-fold doors on the front as in Winter I would like the space to be warm. With a bluetooth speaker, a tv, a games system and maybe a fridge as well, the kids would want for nothing and have a safe private space to hang out.


I have this romantic notion that one day I will be able to embrace my creative side and learn to paint and what better space to do so than in the pool house in Winter. Out of the wind and rain, close to the wine fridge with the gorgeous light reflecting from the pool, yep I think this would be perfect.

Entertaining Space

Neals Design and Remodel

I don’t think the weather needs to dictate that this space not be used in Winter to entertain. Sure it’s cool but especially here in Queensland, Winter is fleeting an very mild, nothing a few throw rugs and perhaps an outdoor heater couldn’t take care of.

Reading Nook

Coast Furniture & Interiors

While we are spoilt for reading nook spaces in our home, I do like the idea of having somewhere a little closer to nature to read in as well. A day bed, knee rug for warmth and a good book could see me well set for a Sunday.


This is something we will be incorporating into our pool house. A gym will be well used by our 4 kids left at home, and maybe even me from time to time. It will also create a dual use for the space, which I feel always adds value. Pool houses tend to be reasonably warm during the day, and generally open making it the perfect space to house your treadmill.

A pool house is certainly a luxury, when planning ours we want to be sure we think about all possible uses for the space to maximise the value of it’s addition for our family.

Do you have a pool house? Any tips on what sort of pool to put in?

Nicole xxx



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