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5 Tips For Summer Home Styling

5 Tips For Summer Home Styling

I am one of those crazy people that update their home styling for each season. Until recent years, I found Summer to be the most challenging of them all to embrace. It’s such a busy time of the year and the house can tend to get out of control, that is until I learned to relax in my expectations. Here are a few tips to make the most of your Summer home styling.

5 Tips For Relaxed Summer Home Styling


Summer in Queensland and for that matter most of Australia, means extreme heat. I find a good declutter is great for tricking the mind into thinking the house is cooler than it is. Decluttering can be difficult prior to the end of the festive season, but it is at this time, as I take down my tree and decorations, that a serious declutter takes place.

What is left behind is a fresh take on the existing space, creating the feel of cool. Ever noticed how cool a house with minimalist decore feels, that benefit can come from a thorough declutter.

summer styling declutter living room dining table lounge

Via Homes To Love by Kate and Simon from The Wood Room

Clean The Windows

Cleaning most of the windows is done twice a year in our home. The bi-fold doors and kitchen windows need doing usually once a fortnight, but the rest of the house is only done just before Christmas and deep Winter. Again this creates a nice clean, cool feel to the home, which is essential in the heat of the Summer season.

Get Rid Of The Throw Rugs

summer home styling lounge simple clean

Harlow James Blog

Throw rugs and extra cushions are perfect for Autumn and Winter home styling, but in Summer they are a reminder of the heat. No one want’s to use a hot prickly throw rug in the middle of an Australian Summer, wash them and store them until Autumn.

Embrace The Beach Towels

Country Road

This is my number one tip for relaxed Summer home styling. In our previous house our kids were always in the pool, here at Pen Y Llechwedd, we don’t have a pool but the neighbours do and the kids are in and out of it instead, which of course leaves a trail of wet towels lying around the house.

Last year, when finally frustrated with the teenagers inability to hang their towels on the line, I purchased a stack of gorgeous beach towels from Country Road, which when hung over the back deck, or the side decks, actually look like part of our style.

I cannot tell you how much sanity this small expense has saved in our home bursting with teens.

Spruce Up Your Outdoor Area

We like to spend a lot of time outdoors and in Queensland we are lucky enough to be able to do so, all year round. Come Summer time though, it is easy to be tempted to stay inside the airconditioning, so at the beginning of each December, I give the decks an overhaul.

Fresh outdoor rugs and a small amount of cushions, with plenty of greenery is enough to tempt me back outside at the end of a long hot day. Ensuring we have an ice bucket close by to hold the drinks is also very helpful come 5 O’clock.

Changing your home styling to suit the season, is most effectively done by layering, and Summer is the one time taking away layers will be of the biggest benefit.

Do you change your home styling to suit the season? Do you enjoy spending time outside?

Nicole xx



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  1. […] or 2! The kids have been in and out of friends pools, and I have learned to embrace their constant beach towels lying around, by ensuring that they are at least beautiful as well as […]

  2. All our windows are patio doors which are painful to clean so that only happens once or twice a year. Decluttering is an all year round activity here. We don’t have a pool or live near the beach (sigh!) but I love how you have made the towels part of your summer look! Pen Y Llechwedd looks fabulous all year round but I bet she really shines in summer!

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