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5 Things You Must Do Before Undertaking A DIY Project

5 Things You Must Do Before Undertaking A DIY Project

The New Year brings a wave of DIYers willing to give a few jobs around their home a try. While we think it is fantastic for you to be involved in improving your home, there are a few things you must do before undertaking a DIY project, to ensure your safety and the ensure the continuity of your home is not compromised.

5 Things You Must Do Before Undertaking A DIY Project

1. Check For Asbestos

This is not something that even we as builders leave to chance. Each and every renovation we take on, we have professionals come on site and check for the presence of asbestos. There are simply too many variables for this to be left to chance, and your mate, really cant know for sure if there is asbestos present or not.

Spend the small amount, and have someone come out and check for you and if necessary, safely remove. Don’t leave this one to chance or a mates opinion.

2. Check For Services

We’ve had many a call out for jobs gone wrong where a DIYer has taken on the task of demolition, or digging a trench only to find they have hit a water pipe. This is not only costly to fix, but dangerous for all involved.

You can obtain information about your services from you council, or again hire a professional to attend site and make the necessary checks for you. Believe me, it will cost far less for this small call out fee, than to pay to fix a stuff up!

3. Check For Load Bearing Walls

Before you go ahead and begin demolition, be sure that the walls you want to take out are not load bearing. We’ve had a few funny call outs where hubby has taken out the wall only to realise it was load bearing half way through the job. Again with some professional advice before you begin, you can be sure that the work you wish to undertake is safe to do so.

4. Is A License Required?

There are many trades in which a license is required, plumbing, electrical and some of the carpentry will need to be performed by a licensed professional to ensure not only your safety, the safety of your home but also that you comply with the law.

If you are not sure if the job you want to do requires a licensed professional, make a call and ask.

5. Is It Within Your Capabilities?

I’m pretty dapper at most DIY but there are a few jobs I know are outside my capabilities. In these cases, it is far less expensive for me to outsource than it is to have a go and then pay for it to be redone. It can be a challenging discussion with yourself to honestly be sure a job is within your capabilities, but it really is within your best interests to ensure it is.

Pretty sure you’ll be ok? Try the task on a small scale first, then decide.

DIY is a great way to save money on your project when approached the right way. Use this simple list to ensure the job you are about to undertake is right for you and your home.

Are you a fan of DIY? Got a job you’re planning to tackle this year?

Nicole xxx


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