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5 Things to Remember When Renovating Your Kitchen

5 Things to Remember When Renovating Your Kitchen

This post was written in collaboration with Dan Kitchens.

Renovations around the house can be very stressful. Whether you want to improve your current living space, or renovate in order to generate more revenue when selling your property, one thing is for sure: do not overlook the kitchen. Here are 5 things you need to know when undergoing a kitchen renovation.

  1. The kitchen is a key factor when buying/renting

The kitchen is the centre of the house and will often determine whether potential buyers are willing to make a property their future home. Many estate buyers have admitted to purchasing a property because of the kitchen alone. It is important to keep this in mind when you find yourself in the middle of your demolished kitchen. Don’t give up – all your hard work will pay off!

renovating your kitchen

  1. Looks, looks, looks

The cosmetic appearance of your kitchen will play a major part in the final outcome, whether you decide to stay or sell. In order to remain consistent, do not make any decisions lightly. Plan ahead, sit down with your significant other and the construction manager, and come up with must-haves that are in your budget. If you are unsure of what you want your kitchen to look like, companies like Dan Kitchens offer great inspiration for the most luxurious looks.


  1. Budget

In terms of budget, once again, sit down before the project starts and set up rules and benchmarks. Keep in mind that the budget will typically end up as more of a ‘guide’ and will normally be slightly exceeded for a variety of unplanned reasons. Every dollar counts in this kind of project, so try to set a reasonable budget that won’t break your bank account if you go over it by a bit.


  1. Convenience is key

Although looks are very important, you have to remember that the kitchen needs to be practical and have enough storage for all the pots, pans, different wine glasses and other essentials you will need. Once again, when designing the kitchen with your significant other, make a list of all the things that need to go in special places, and make sure to have extra storage room for all the candles, baking trays and all. Built-in pantries are a big thing at the moment, so give it a go, as they combine convenience with style.


  1. The kitchen plays an important role in your family

Finally, keep in mind that although the kitchen is where you cook your meals, it is also the heart of your home. Your family gets together in the kitchen and you’re most likely eating breakfast on the go in the middle of the kitchen every day. Treat it as a sanctuary, see it as the room where your family members get together and exchange with each other (they do not do it in the lounge room, as the TV gets in the way). It might be a good thing for you to get together before renovating the kitchen and get everyone’s opinion. They may not only bring new ideas, but they also bring a pair of extra hands to paint, finish or clean during the process.


With a kitchen that looks fantastic and works flawlessly, you’ll either love spending time in it or love the boost it brings to your selling price. What are your top tips for successfully renovating this vital room?

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