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5 Reasons Building Your Home Is Better Than Buying

5 Reasons Building Your Home Is Better Than Buying

This post is sponsored by 5 Reasons Building Your Home is Better Than Buying
New homes change lives and the experience of building a dream home from the ground up is an exciting prospect that brings many benefits. Many potential home owners weighing up building and buying, question whether it makes more sense to build new or buy an existing home. Our advice is always to weigh up all your options, carefully cost all involved, and then have a good hard think. Below though are five reasons why we believe building is better than buying.

New Homes Are Based on Individual Design Preferences
One of the most exciting features of building your own new home, is getting it the way you would like it. You deserve to have the home you’ve dreamed about. A potential problem with existing homes, is that you are rarely able to have the home you’d really like.
When you are building your home, you have the flexibility to design your home as you wish it to be. Imagine the possibility to being able to design a home that fits perfectly with your families individual requirements.
New Homes Mean Little Maintenance
Currently renovating an old Queenslander has really highlighted this to me. The beauty of a new home, is the lack of maintenance, at least for the first several years, where unlikely repairs are usually covered under warranty. Older homes come with no warranties and are often accompanied by a lengthy to-do list. A new home by contrast, is completely ‘turn-key’ ready, all you have to do is move in.
New Homes Mean New Technology
A newly built home is fitted with the latest in building technology and equipment. Whether it’s the latest in fixtures or fittings, materials or energy efficient designs, homeowners will benefit from the latest technological advances. There is the potential to include solar hotwater, LED lighting, self-cleaning surfaces and fancy USB power points, even the possibility to include AV and data wiring built for todays needs of technology and power usage. New homes often have a lower carbon footprint, with better insulation and other energy saving features, that can also have the potential to save on ongoing operating costs.
New Homes Qualify for Financial Benefits
In many locations, generous government grants apply for newly built homes whether built on your own land or as a part of a home and land package through builders such as
New Homes Can Have Superior Investment Potential
In many cases, new homes can offer greater investment potential as they are easier to sell and or rent. If you are looking to maximise the value of your asset, it can be easier to recoup the costs of your investment in a newly built home. New homes usually command higher rental yields than a comparably sized home in the same area.
Ultimately, deciding whether to build or buy is a decision that needs to be made based on your own individual situation. Take time to research the costings and time involved and carefully consider your options before committing to one. These are just a few of the reasons why building can be more beneficial than buying, but depending on your situation, there may even be more.

Did you build or buy your home? Would you like to build a new home?

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  1. We built our then new home 19 years ago. It was a good experience, and I’d do it again in a heartbeat. But owning a 100 year old Queenslander would be just amazing. Love their look and functionality. x

    1. I do love my home so much. I wouldn’t change where we are now xx

  2. Sometimes I’ve found living in a half done house helpful too, you think you’ve nailed the design and then living in it you realise your plan doesn’t quite meet you needs. Just written about this very thing, our dining room isn’t as big as we need, fortunately we can modify:)

    1. Absolutely! I say the same thing often. We have altered our renovation so many times now, because we live differently than we thought we would.

  3. We just bought an existing home and to be honest in large part that is because the market where we are is obscenely hot and we just couldn’t afford to build even if we had wanted to. It would be fun though!

    1. It is fun, a little stressful at times, but I think that is part of the process. xx

  4. I so wish I could afford to build a new home from scratch but alas, I doubt we will ever be able to do that as the cost for section over here are ridiculous. #TeamIBOT

    1. Where are you based Haidee? Really sad that the land prices are so high ?

  5. I’d love to build my dream home but the land just isn’t available where I want it to be.

    1. Oh no! That makes it difficult. x

  6. I think I’m past the adventurous stage of building my own house but my kids are definitely the types to do it. One of my boys is an electrician and I’m sure when he and his gorgeous girl establish themselves that will be the way they go.

    1. I loved the process of building my new home, I much prefer it to renovating, oh that seems to go on forever!

  7. As you know, my husband designed and built ours. It was a long process for us as design got knocked back a couple of times because it didn’t tie in with the heritage area etc. We got there in the end though and now we have a beautiful home made just the way we like it x

    1. It can be challenging at times, but worthy for the outcome. xx

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