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5 Places To Find Budget Art

5 Places To Find Budget Art

When preparing our house for sale, we needed to de-personalise. The first thing to go was our family photos, well most of them, and in their place we needed art, but art on a budget, to fill the walls without breaking the bank. We need both traditional and contemporary art to place in the kids rooms and on our living space walls, and in the process found many great sources of budget art to share.

5 Places To Find Budget Art


budget art

Etsy is hands down my favourite way to source anything handmade. I am not a crafty sort myself, so finding craft at a great price, that is unique is always a winner in my eyes. Etsy is a great source of prints, both custom and ready made, some that can be downloaded and printed to your requirements pop it in a frame and you’re away, while others can be couriered quickly and easily ready for your walls.


budget art

Ikea actually have a fantastic range of wall art. From ready to hang pieces to prints and frames, Ikea is an inspirational place to find budget art. The frames on the bug art, are from Ikea, while the mechanical piece is a ready hang piece from Ikea as well. The bugs were drawn for us buy our amazingly talented friend.


budget artKmart shocked me with it’s range of budget art. They have a great range of ready to hang wall art pieces that would be sure to please most of us and terrific prices. We have used a lot of Kmart wall art in our kids bedrooms, but this abstract piece above I would use in my own bedroom. Love it!

Wall Art Prints

budget artSometimes we don’t have the time or the desire to shop, and online shopping is the choice at hand. Wall Art Prints, have a fantastic range or canvasses for sale on their website with easy delivery options, to your door. I found a large range on their website to suit almost all home decore styles.

DIY Wall Art


Even with zero crafting ability, I was able to easily and cheaply create this custom art work for our home. There are so many other ideas you could try, like patterned paper in a frame, photos printed through an office supply shop, tea towels or fabric in frames and mounted on the walls, the options are endless.

Like every other area of your home, decorating your walls doesn’t need to be expensive. These five choices are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to budget art sources. Have fun shopping!

Do you have art on your walls? Where is your favourite place to shop?

Nicole xxx


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  1. Check out Kmart! We’ve got a few pieces of art, mostly that we’ve collected on our travels. We don’t actually have that much wall space otherwise I’d love to have more. These are such great ideas and your custom art work is one of my faves!

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