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5 Lamps For Your Autumn Decor

Last week we looked at an Autumn decor update on which one of the key items was a gorgeous lamp. We have many lamps in our home, and use them rather than our big chandeliers. While we love the look of the chandeliers, the light is really bright and doesn’t create the cosy feel we like for the cooler months. One of my favourite daily rituals is to turn the lamps on, it signals the end of the working day, and the beginning of family time. (well usually :))

I have searched the internet and found 5 of my current favourite lamps to brighten your Autumn decor. Something as small as a lamp can create an entirely new mood for your home, a small investment for a big gain.

5 Lamps For Your Autumn Decor


I have my good friend Kirsten from Skin Boss to thank for my current obsession with all things pink and rose gold, and this Lucille Table lamp had me squealing with delight. It also comes in a gorgeous grey and gold both of which would blend beautifully in most homes. I think it would be right at home on our bedside tables for a fresh change to our bedroom.

lamps, lamp, table lamp

For a complete change of pace, this striking modern Sadie table lamp, is strong and masculine. I think this could work really well in a home office or a modern living room. I adore the sleek lines of this fuss free piece.

lamp, table lamp, lamps

A neutral lamp can be such a valuable update to your home decor. A lamp such as this Recycled Glass and Jute lamp, can be added to just about any place in your home, without disrupting your existing decor. Simple by effective to help create a comforting mood in your home.

lamps, floor lamp, lamp

You might have noticed the lamp I featured last week in the Autumn home update, this Virgo Floor lamp, is its taller handsomer brother. I love this piece! For me it’s the luxurious colour and the feature shade that draws me in. I would have this anywhere in my home. Floor lamps are fantastic for directing lighting in areas of your home that need it most, I have several in dark corners to provide the added light and warmth needed in the room.

lamp, table lamp, lampsCrystal and I are old friends, in your home it will add an elegant touch to any room you place it in. The Veronica Classic Crystal table lamp, is a stunning example of how one lamp can be classic, feminine and strong all at the same time.

Adding a lamp can be such a simple update to your home, and you can add them anywhere! I think the only place in our home that doesn’t have a lamp is the bathroom, that’s how versatile they are. Hopefully today’s post will give you some inspiration to add a lamp to your home decor.

A word of advice, when choosing globes for our lamps, I prefer a warm light to give a softer feel, rather than the harshness a white light can throw.

White light or warm light? Do you have many lamps in your home?

Nicole xxx


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